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Surfing on the SG3 help please

Discussion in 'Mobile Network Questions' started by RPhilip, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. Hello everyone. I have no idea what the official forums for speaking about globe sim cards is but this is the website that constantly pops up for my searches.

    I'm a complete newbie with cellphones. Only recently got my first one.
    I went to globe call centers and even random cellphone shops all over and they never give me a specific answer. They say getting 3G isn't possible.

    My cellphone is a Samsung Galaxy 3.
    How do I get 3G? I figured it was paying for a surf promo.
    I found GOsakto the cheapest out of Supersurf/Powersurf.

    I subscribed to 1000mb but have no idea what's next; how to activate/turn on the surf mode.
    No searches for gosakto give me directions for anything.

    May anyone tell me how I am suppose to work this?
    Please help me

    SHORT - how to activate surfing from the gosakto promo
  2. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    GoSAKTO promo - Please or Register to view links
    How to turn on 3G on the Samsung Galaxy s3 - Go to System Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks>Data Enabled
    and if nothing works you can reset your phone to default settings, take out the SIM card and put it back in after 10-15 sec to get back the new settings from the network .

    Just follow the on screen setup steps for android.

  3. try mo network settings tapos connection/network type.
  4. Thanks for replying

    I have tried as told and as the ÿôutubê video says but it just won't let me access the internet.
    I've checked before trying that I still have a 1000mb available for use, went outside, and turned on mobile data.
    Nothing happened.

    I would put factory settings into consideration but there are precious data that I can't store or delete.

    The gosakto link you provided is one I've checked numerous times- they seriously didn't put any info about how to enable the surf at all.

    What should I do?
  5. nag loloko po ang globe ngaun :)) payo ko lang wag kayo mag reg. sa promo sa surfing kasi sa ibang area na tulad ko paputol putol ang connection..
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