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Sudoku 4ever Plus v1.10.0 [PAID VERSION]

Discussion in 'Android Games' started by dgreatmaster, Apr 23, 2014.

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  1. Sudoku 4ever Plus v1.10.0 [PAID VERSION]




    Unlimited number of puzzles, eight difficulty levels, world-class hint engine and game statistics - simply the best Sudoku app on the market.••••• Game Play •••••★ Eight different Sudoku variants: Classic & Jigsaw puzzles (aka Squiggly), Asterisk-, Centerdot-, Color-, Hyper-, Percent- & X-Sudokus

    ★ Eight difficulty levels: very easy, easy, moderate, advanced, hard, very hard, fiendish, nightmare

    ★ Six input methods (digit first, cell first, mixed, Andoku cell first, Andoku digit first, popup)

    ★ Pencil marks with auto set or auto erase

    ★ Persistent undoredo

    ★ Auto save

    ★ Bookmarks

    ★ Highlighting of selected digits and pencil marks

    ★ Highlighting of completed digits

    ★ Highlighting of incorrect digits

    ★ Coloring mode (cells and pencil marks) to support coloring solving techniques

    ★ Very advanced hint functionality

    ★ Analysis functionality to rate the difficulty of a Sudoku puzzle and to get a detailed list of required solving techniques

    ★ Game statistics: fastest, average, slowest times and total time played for each difficulty level

    ★ Extremely configurable

    ★ The integrated solver solves any Sudoku in milliseconds••••• Supports •••••✔ Portrait and landscape mode

    ✔ All screen types and sizes

    ✔ Touch screen, keyboard and trackball

    ✔ Installation on external storage (e.g. sdcard)

    ✔ Android 1.6-4.x••••• Hint Functionality •••••★ Full House

    ★ Hidden Single

    ★ Hidden Subset (Pair, Triple + Quad)

    ★ *phcorner* Single

    ★ *phcorner* Subset (Pair, Triple + Quad)

    ★ Locked Candidates (Pointing + Claiming)

    ★ X-Wing (Regular, Finned + Sashimi)

    ★ Swordfish (Regular, Finned + Sashimi)

    ★ Jellyfish (Regular, Finned + Sashimi)


    ★ W-Wing

    ★ Almost Locked Candidates (Pair, Triple + Quad)

    ★ Avoidable Rectangle (type 1 + 2)

    ★ Hidden Unique Rectangle

    ★ Uniqueness Test (type 1, 2, 3, 4 + 5)

    ★ BUG+1, BUG+2, BUG+3 and BUG+4

    ★ Aligned Pair + Triple Exclusion

    ★ Sue de Coq

    ★ ALS-XZ, ALS-XY-Wing

    ★ Remote Pairs

    ★ Bidirectional Cycles

    Enjoy....:) :)

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