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Student & teacher

Discussion in 'Gags & Jokes' started by pandr01d, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. STUDENT: Sir, can I ask a question?
    TEACHER: Yes!
    STUDENT: How do you put an
    elephant inside a fridge?
    TEACHER: I don't know.
    STUDENT: It's easy, you just open
    the fridge and put it in. I have
    another question!
    TEACHER: Ok, ask.
    STUDENT: How to put a donkey
    inside the fridge?
    TEACHER: It's easy, you just open
    the fridge and put it in.
    STUDENT: No sir, You just open the
    fridge take out the elephant and put
    it in.
    TEACHER: Ooh...ok!!
    STUDENT: Let me ask another one. If
    all the animals went to the lion's
    birthday party, and one animal went
    missing which one would it be?
    TEACHER: The lion of course!
    Because it wud eat all the animals.
    STUDENT: No sir, it is the donkey
    becoz it's still inside the fridge.
    TEACHER: Are you kidding me?
    STUDENT: No sir, 1 last question.
    TEACHER: Ok!
    STUDENT: If there's a river full of
    crocodiles and you wanted to cross,
    how would you?
    TEACHER: There's no way, I would
    need a boat to cross.
    STUDENT: No sir, you just swim and
    cross it because all the
    animals went to the lion's birthday
  2. hahahaha nice
  3. Hahaha tawa much thumbs up!
  4. Fajart

    Fajart Eternal Poster Established

    Haha nice one :LOL:
  5. nawexhet

    nawexhet Enthusiast Established

  6. thanks for the joke.haha
  7. meask

    meask Addict Established

    hahaha .. sabog
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