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Stay Healthy : Improving your well being

Discussion started by ricathegreat, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Improving Your Well-Being

    1 Start your day with meditation.

    To improve your overall well-being in just five to ten minutes, begin your day with meditation.
    Meditation has been scientifically shown to reduce your stress levels and help you feel calm and balanced.
    It has many emotional benefits, from stress management to deeper self awareness and a reduction of negative emotions.
    It has also been shown to have medical benefits, especially if you suffer from anxiety disorders, high blood pressure, sleep issues or insomnia, and asthma.

    Meditation is also very effective for maintaining a general sense of well-being and physical health. There are several types of meditation, including:

    Guided meditation: This type of meditation is also known as guided imagery or visualization. A teacher or guide will describe images, smells, sounds, and textures that are relaxing and calming. You can find guided meditation guides online.

    Mindful meditation: This type of meditation focuses on being mindful and aware of the present moment. You focus on what you experiencing during the meditation, such as the sounds around you or the flow of your breathing. In this type of meditation, you note your thoughts and emotions and you let them pass without judgement or comment.

    Transcendental meditation: This meditation technique involves silently repeating a personally assigned mantra in the form of a word, sounds, or phrase. The repetition of the mantra should help your body settle into a state of meditation, where you feel relaxed and calm.

    2 Try deep breathing exercises.

    Doing five to ten minutes of deep breathing a day can help improve your brain function and your energy levels. Deep breathing is also known as Pranayama breathing. In Pranayama breathing, you control your breathing through breathing exercises to breathe more fully and deeply. Start with the most basic Pranayama breathing exercise, where you breath in and out deeply through your nostrils using your diaphragm.
    Begin by sitting in a comfortable position in a quiet area with no distractions or noise.
    Place your hands on your diaphragm, right below your rib cage, and take a deep breathe in through your nose. Try to inhale to the count of four.
    Hold the breath for one second and then slowly exhale the breath out of your nose to the count of four. Imagine you are trying to fog up a mirror in front of your nose as you breathe out. You should make a noticeable whooshing sound as you exhale.

    Repeat this breath cycle for ten to twenty breaths. Over time, you can extend the breath cycle for twenty to forty breaths.

    3 Do one enjoyable activity a day.

    Improve your well-being by making time in your schedule to do one activity you enjoy a day.
    This could be something simple like reading a book or going for a walk.
    You could also do a specific hobby you enjoy, like crocheting, woodworking, or painting.
    Taking the time to do something you enjoy each day can help you to de stress and slow down, especially if you have a busy schedule or a demanding career.
    To ensure you actually make time for an enjoyable activity, block off one hour or half an hour of your schedule for “you time”.
    This could be early in the morning when you first wake up or after you come home from school or work.
    Let family and partners know that you will be using this time to focus on your needs and to take some alone time doing what you enjoy.

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