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SOTW #4 Voting Thread

Discussion in 'Contests, Freebies, Giveaways' started by TheScript, May 22, 2013.


Choose The Best

Poll closed May 27, 2013.
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  1. SOTW #4 Voting Thread​
    Here are the voting guidelines for this contest:

    1. Users must have at least 50 posts to vote to ensure that he/she is​
    aware of all the PHC Forum Guidelines.​
    2. User must post in this thread, stating the entry number and his/her​
    "reason" for voting for the entry.​

    Sample vote:​

    i'll vote for entry number 0​

    -Exquisite concept and desing​

    -Colorful and good in the eyes​

    -Outstanding use of resources and stock​

    3. Users who do not vote their entry SPECIFICALLY will have their votes NULLIFIED​


    I'll vote for entry number 7, but i also wanted 3 and 4. but Entry number​

    7 has great effects​

    4. Users are obliged to vote for ONE (1) entry only specifically​

    5. Users must only POST THEIR CLEAR VOTES, NOTHING ELSE DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR "OPINIONS" of other entries, only entries that you wish to VOTE ARE ALLOWED​

    6. Users who do not follow these guidelines on their vote will have their votes NULLIFIED​

    7. As stated in the Submission entry Thread you are not allowed to Campaign your entry, those who are caught campaigning will have their entry DISQUALIFIED from the contest​

    • • • •
    Award For Winning 1st Prize:
    Choice in Graphics
    • • • •
    *Criteria for Judging*
    50% Artwork Balance
    50% Voting Thread
    Judges will be selected randomly.
    The judges identification will be anonymous.​
    • • • •​
    Duration of Voting​
    May 22, 2013
    May 27, 2013 (18:00 +8 GMT)
    cast your VOTE on or before May 27, 2013 (18:00 +8 GMT).
    Any change in schedule will be accordingly stated.
    • • • •
    Discussion thread
    For more information, Questions and Discussion kindly visit this thread
    --> Please or Register to view links
    This is the ENTRY for SOTW # 4!​
    #1 Please or Register to view links Yuriko Kazumori​
    #2 Please or Register to view links
    #3 Please or Register to view links
    #4 Please or Register to view links
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  2. go number 3 hehehe(y)ganda po
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  3. Please Read Rule Number 2 of this voting thread
  4. I'll vote for entry n0. 4 , since it's attractive.. for me. . although it seems basic but it's really good in the eyes..
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  5. i'll vote entry #4 maayos ang pagkakagawa, maganda ang blending, at maganda ang lighting effects (y)
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  6. #1 gusto ko! Ang cute! Nakuha agad ang atensyon ko yung light colors! Yung sulat na ginamit cute! Babaeng babae! :)
  7. SpecTro_MaXx

    SpecTro_MaXx Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    #2 Please or Register to view links galing ng pagkagawa..yan ang reason kung bakit kita binoto (y)
  8. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    kita ko effort ng gumawa..
    gusto ko creativity niya..
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  9. i'll go for entry number 1, simple but cute siggy. nice ;)​
  10. pwedi gusto ko #1 cute japanese na japanese ang datingan hapon gumawa ehh...... Go go go go! Pagawa ako panglalaki ah.
  11. dabxiiz30 have my vote.. ganda nung nasa kamay.. parang part talaga..
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  12. i vote for #3 ..
    cool and clean :)
    sana ganyan din ako. ahaha
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  13. I'll choose #4... Hehe.. Ganda ng Smudging & color Blending...

    TO sir RIRA: Sorry po if i was not able to upload my entry (PSD File).. Mejo Busy kasi last few days.. Next tym na lang bro... TY
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  14. napadaan lang po ako dito pero boboto na rin ako.

    I chose number #1 WHY?
    1. I like Japanese
    2. Cute, Simple, UNIQUE!!!! yung sulat na ginamit sa japanese maganda
    3. Yung COLORS! yung light niya maganda! pasok sa banga!!
    4. Cute ako, gusto ko cute hindi ako astig
    5. Gustung-gusto ko talaga yung signature sulat pa lang anime/cartoon na ang dating at may appeal siya sa akin!!!!
  15. Ill go for entry no 4, nice ung blending, ung lighting effects, maganda tignan.malinis:
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  16. yung number 1 simple at cute tapos yung kulay bagay na bagay pangbata kung pangbata magaling ngayon lang ako nakakita ng ganyan japanese yung ginamit na font at bagay sa cartoon na ginamit
  17. dodoy143

    dodoy143 Enthusiast Established

    i Vote for Number 4:
    Kung Smudging at Blending ang pinag-uusapan ... Swaks sya dun.
    Ok din yung Lightings (y) KIU Please or Register to view links
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  18. I'll go for entry #1

    Simple at malinis tingnan.

    Off topic: Pero actually maganda naman lahat eh. Kaya goodluck sa mananalo! :ninja:
  19. End
    May 27, 2013 (18:00 +8 GMT)
  20. GMV to entry #3​
    the depth of the tag make it soothing to eyes.​
    the flow make it so cool​
    the text.. a little bit sharpened​
    the lightings is very well placed​
    if you may ill just give some of my opinion in the other entries​
    entry #1​
    the concept is there​
    very neat​
    entry #2​
    your focal is a little blurry ​
    and that flower like thing on the right side destruct the flow of the tag​
    the composition is good​
    the texture is well placed​
    the background really gives it the good atmo​
    but you have a poor lighting​
    try placing it at the back of your render to more suitable effect​
    text. more practice​
    BTW congratulation to all of you :)​
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