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Smart & TalknText SmartBRO Sim Modem Settings 090213

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by ricardo deguia, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. > This thread show you on how to force connect your smartbrosim.
    > This was my settings long time ago.
    > Eto rin yung process kung paano nyo ikunek yung mga nagsasabing 3g activated naman pero hindi makakunek sa dashboard.
    > Easy establishing connection with HSS installer.
    > Boost download speed.


    Important terms:

    > What is PPP?

    The Point-to-Point protocol is a method used when communicating data between computers

    via dial-up modem connections.

    > Default DNS of smartbro sim = ,
    > Default DNS of smartbuddy prepaid = ,



    1.a How to know if your sim is 3g blocked. In your usb modem windows, find diagnostics tab.
    Below picture is 3g activated, if you see not registered not attatched it means 3g blocked

    2.a Now if your smartbro sim cant connect to your dashboard/usbmodem window. Then follow procedures below

    3.a Create new network profile. Then follow below SS settings. In general tab click dialling rules. You can use area code of laguna 4029 wherever you are or you can use other area code.


    4.a Follow this also.

    5.a If you are using chap then uncheck only "Unencrypted password (PAP).

    then if you are using PAP, check only PAP.

    6.a then save

    > If still unable modem connect. Proceed to next profile setting 2.


    1.b Follow procedure/settings A, 2.a - 5.a

    2.b Follow below SS.

    3.b then save

    4. b restart pc.

    > Connect your modem. Then you can see your modem now connected.
    > If not just click connect at most 10 times. Kukunek yan. pramis(y)
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2013
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