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Smart Smart working payloads

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by argeeboy123444, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. argeeboy123444

    argeeboy123444 Addict Established

    Pahingi nman po ng smart payloads. Ty ;). Godbless :)
  2. argeeboy123444

    argeeboy123444 Addict Established

    Ano ung ip na yan sir(?
  3. Hindi yan ip.. ^^ lagay moyan sa payload mo
    . Diba pauload hinihingi mo?o_O
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  4. Parehas po ba ng payloads ang smart at tnt..
  5. argeeboy123444

    argeeboy123444 Addict Established

    Hanggang Action requested was
    succesful lang sir. Bkt kaya? Smartbro ginamit ko
  6. Tnt/smart lang alam ko na gumagana yan ts eh.. iba siguro pag smartbro. Pero nag successful naman diba, Kunting tweak lang ok nayan. Hanap ibang proxy or hanap ng apn para mapa gana mo.. goodluck!
  7. argeeboy123444

    argeeboy123444 Addict Established

    Sge sir. Btw, ty po pla sa binigay nyo :)
  8. meron ding payload ang smart na di nagana sa tnt.
  9. argeeboy123444

    argeeboy123444 Addict Established

    May alam kaba sir? Papm nman po sir. Ty :)
  10. pwede din payload ang ip address :D
  11. Feline

    Feline Enthusiast Established

    Ano ilalagay sa remote proxy?
  12. ito h.phcorner.net :banghead:
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2016
  13. Baka pwede dn po makahingi ng payload sa TNt . At san po makakakuha ng remote proxy para sa TNT? D ko. Dn po kasi mappagana sakin.
  14. eneiru

    eneiru Addict Established

    ung sinabi ni destervious payload yan sa tnt pre..
  15. argeeboy123444

    argeeboy123444 Addict Established

  16. mobile.phcorner.net - pang smartbro :)
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  17. www1.smart.com.ph for smart bro ..
  18. tazyo27

    tazyo27 Addict Established

    kickstar sim ?

    kickstar sim ?
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  19. Scizcka

    Scizcka Honorary Poster Established

    Even if you have a "working" host/url for your payloads if the request method isn't compatible together with your remote proxy it will not connect.
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