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Android App Smart IR Remote for Galaxy S4 v1.3.0

Discussion in 'Android Applications' started by La Freak, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. La Freak

    La Freak Support Team Staff Member Support Team


    Smart IR Remote for Galaxy S4 v1.3.0 Apk | 8.5 MB | Mediafire
    Requires Android:4.2 and up

    You can now use your phone as an Infrared Remote (IR Remote)!

    App Review:

    Why should you need to use more than one remote for all the devices you own ?

    With Smart Remote for your Samsung Galaxy S4 (also works on some CyanogenMod devices now, as well as other custom ROMs!), you can add, create and customize any number of remotes, combining controls from any of your existing remotes. Imagine a single remote on which the CHANNEL UP button controls your Set Top Box from your TV provider, the VOLUME keys control your home theater system and the arrow keys control your TV’s menu.

    On top of all that, since you’re holding a phone, why not use some of it’s unique features?

    AIR GESTURES – exclusive to your phone!
    Simply leave the app open, and wave your hand above your phone to change channels (left to right) or volume (up and down)

    Don’t you hate it when you receive a call but can’t hear the other person because the TV is too loud? Now, Smart Remote can automatically mute your current device when someone calls you.

    Why should you need to switch apps just to send a command ? Activate Floating Remote in settings, and have a chathead-style remote available just one touch away!

    Do you switch ROMs often ? Or maybe reinstall apps daily? The backup/restore feature will help you save your remotes, so you can get them back when you install again, without going through the setup process again!

    With our new advanced macro system, you can execute a series of commands one after the other (like turning on TV, then switching to HDMI 1), add customizable delays between commands, and reorder the commands as you wish.

    With infrared – IR Blaster – already included in your phone, why shouldn’t you make the most of it? Smart Remote can control your TV, Set Top Box, Lights, Projectors, etc.. Virtually anything that has an Infrared Receiver can be controlled by Smart Remote with the correct remote codes. And we’re working 24/7 on adding more!

    Why not get rid of your TV remote, set top box remote, and home center remote, all at once ?

    • Please note that due to the large queue, it normally takes 1-2 weeks to add new devices to our database after you report them
    • Please note that due to Galaxy S4 hardware limitation, automatic learning isn’t possible

    What’s in this version :

    • Added Floating Remotes (chathead style one-touch remote)
    • Added Backup / Restore functionality
    • Much improved Macro system!
    • and other bugfixes and improvements

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