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Trivia signs you're inlove

Discussion in 'Love' started by Yours, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. How to know if you are in love with someone: 9 signs

    1. You Have Unexplained Happiness
    When it comes to learning how to know if you are in love, having unexplained happiness is the most noticeable sign. Do you find yourself kissing pillows, jumping up and down in joy and excitement for no specific reason? If so, you might just be in love.
    It is said that, when a person falls in love with someone else, the levels of dopamine in his/her brain will increase because of the enhanced blood flow to the areas where the receptors of dopamine are present. The pleasure chemical – dopamine – will make you more energetic, excited and full of life.
    In addition, the release of dopamine in the human brain will make you feel like restless, sleepless, and full and happiness. Besides, it makes you think about the person you love, a lot. It is like you are taking cocaine.
    2. You Are Scared To Dead Of…
    How to know if you are in love? Are you scared of losing someone? When falling in love with someone, you will be scared of losing him/her, of keeping him/her, of never being with another man/woman, and so on. The list goes on and on. It might crash and burn like it is your last relationship.
    3. Could Not Think Of Anyone Else
    When you fall in love with someone else, oftentimes, you could not really think of anyone else but your lover. That kind of thought will tirelessly run around in your own mind; you could not work, focus on or remember other interests. All what you think of is just your lover. This is because of norepinephrine, the chemical compound released in your brain, along with dopamine.
    4. You Are Addicted To This Person
    Another signs of how to know if you are in love with someone is the addiction. Love changes your brain. Fact is, in the early-stage relationships, that euphoria people feel appears as the heightened neural activity in dopamine-high areas of the brain – the areas connected to the reward system – and in the areas associated with the pursuit of rewards. In reality, there is a hint of activity in the anterior cingulated, the region of the human brain linked to obsessive thinking – the classic and popular experience when people fall in love.

    When the relationship progresses into a more long-term partnership, thinking about the partner will activate the reward centers and brain areas implicated in love and attachment, yet less so obsessive thinking.
    5. You Want Your Family Or Friends To Like That Person
    It is shown that people are usually motivated to “marshal support” for someone they are dating. This also means that the social circle of the two people seems to play a crucial role in the success of a relationship. Admittedly, being attuned to the way your friends and family think about your lover as well as potential life partner is a clear sign that you are in love and increasing attached to that person.
    6. You Feel Happy For The Triumphs Of That Person, Even When You Fail
    If you are increasingly attached with someone else, you might have an atypical reaction upon witnessing them achieving something that you do not. Those lovers feel connected and could share the outcomes of the successes of each other. Romantic lovers will feel pride and have positive emotions when they see their lover get success, even at something that they could not do by themselves, instead of feeling jealous or negative.
    7. You Miss That Person When Being Apart
    In some cases, how much you miss a certain person might reflect how interdependent that the life of two of you have become. Think you may be in love? Then, you should consider how much you miss that person when you are apart. Some relationship experts showed that how much people miss each other corresponds with how committed that they feel to the current relationship.
    8. You Discover New Traits Or Characteristics Of Yourself Through That Person
    When women and Please or Register to view links, their sense of self will change. They might take on new characteristics and traits, growing in the diversity, positively (sometimes, negatively) of their self-concept via the influence of their partner. You discover your new one before and after falling in love. Perhaps you feel difference, or others realize it. The difference lies on the way you spend your time, your habits, and so on.

    9. You Feel Jealous
    Jealousy is one of the most common feelings people experience when falling and being in love with someone. A certain amount of jealousy is healthy and necessary for a romantic relationship. From the evolutionary perspective, Please or Register to view links is the adaption that helps the relationship stay intact by making its involvers really sensitive to those potential threats.

    However, you had better keep your jealousy in check and under control. Relationship experts showed that reactive or emotional jealousy is the kind predicted by positive relationship elements like trust and dependency – yet people who engage in emotional or suspicious jealousy, which contains acting like checking secretly the cellphone of a partner, tends to be linked with low self-esteem, relational anxiety, and chronic insecurity
    Above are top 9 signs about how to know if you are in love with someone. Hopefully, you have learnt something useful for your relationship, discover your new self and be more active in your love.
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