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Signs Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Lying

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by PurpleFox, Jul 2, 2015.

    1. Look for a tightening of the lips and facial muscles especially around the forehead. Watch for a crinkle at the level of the eyebrows. Also watch for more static (unchanging) facial features designed to not give too much information away.
    2. Watch for folded arms, a pale face or very red face, or closed palms.
    3. When listening, watch for hesitation or frequent pauses, sentences that fade off into nowhere, and an emotionless tone.
    4. Watch for answers to your questions that come slowly or not at all. Answers followed by excessive eye movements can be a dead giveaway someone is lying.
    5. Watch for faster talking, over explanations, or the use a lot of gestures and a rise in vocal pitch.
    6. Like the ‘tells’ in pôkêr, watch for things out of the normal, but especially light touching of the face around the nose and mouth areas (including the chin). Areas around the ear should be watched as well.
    7. Watch for inappropriate intimacy such as standing too close and odd touching behavior.
    8. Watch for heavier breathing, higher heart rate, sweating, and itchy palms.
    9. Watch for lack of eye contact, excessive blinking or squinting like behavior.
    10. Look for wild or inappropriate gesturing that doesn’t follow the words or intensity of the words being spoken.
    11. Watch for the potential liar to move behind a counter or to place a couch, table or other object between you and them. Or watch for them to turn away from you and face, or partially face, another direction.
    12. Watch for inappropriate or sudden defensive reactions to your simple questions.
    13. Try changing the subject suddenly. Most people get confused when this happens, but the liar will show relief and will be happy to let you move on.
    14. Watch for evasive or indirect answers to your direct questions. Watch for lengthy explanations that seem designed to ‘over-answer’ your question. Throwing in details or justifications you didn’t ask for.
    15. Get quiet for a few moments and watch for fidgeting and other physical signs of discomfort. Liars don’t like silence because it doesn’t give them a chance to ‘prove’ they’re not a liar.
    Building Blocks Of A Successful Relationship
    It’s important to remember that meeting one or two of the points above doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship is in trouble.

    We all have a sixth sense that is sometimes based in the small details and sometimes based on intuition. We can make a case where none exists given sufficient motivation.

    Before you go accusing someone of lying and pointing to all the body language syntax in this article, take a few moments to get your own emotions in check.

    The truth is that you probably know this person better than they know themselves.

    Watch for things that seem uncharacteristic or unusual, or that stand out from their normal behavior. And pay attention to that little voice inside. Not the one that comes from your conscious mind – the one that comes from your subconscious.

    Then, if your significant other fails a half dozen or so of the tests listed above, ask them directly the question that’s really on your mind and listen to their body language – not their words.

    Being accused of lying is a serious thing – so take it seriously.
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