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Shooting club 2: Gold v3.7.23 APK

Discussion in 'Android Games' started by Emepcoh-79, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    *** Note! We offer 50 000 bonus exp
    points to each purchaser of the gold-
    version. Besides, new exciting levels,
    exclusive weapons and full absence of
    advertisement, of course, wait for you
    here. ***In the second part of the
    ‘Shooting club’ we offer you to feel like a
    real sniper. Target, weapon, shot … do
    you already feel adrenaline in your blood?
    There is no sense to argue that everyone,
    at least once in his life, dreamed to be a
    professional shooter with a sniper rïflê.
    Here you have such an opportunity!
    This simulator of sniper shooting is
    characterized by maximum connection
    with reality. Here not only shot accuracy
    has great importance, but also specific
    characteristics of rifles, distance to the
    target, wind direction, and even
    The player has a great choice of the most
    popular models of sniper weapons from
    all over the world. For example:
    - PSG1 is a semi-automatic sniper rïflê
    made in Germany
    - FN F2000 is a bullpup assault rïflê
    - Legendary Soviet sniper rïflê Mosin-
    - Dragunov sniper rïflê (SVD)
    - VSS (Special Sniper rïflê), also called the
    - M4 – modernization of the M16 assault
    - Barrett – heavy sniper rïflê
    - The Special Operations Forces (SOF)
    Combat Assault rïflê or SCAR
    - AWP – is a British bolt-action sniper rïflê
    - Intervention – is an American sniper rïflê
    for long range shooting
    and many others!
    Requires Android: 2.2 and up




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    enjoy bakbakan na :peeking:
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