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Shocking thread ( read these if you want to know )

Discussion in 'Gags & Jokes' started by rhyzen, Sep 10, 2016.

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  1. rhyzen

    rhyzen Honorary Poster Established

    Mga master at moderators sa mga established members at sa mga leechers my nalaman po ako ewan ko kong totoo

    Totoo po na na selling / binebenta na itong site na ph corner?

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 11, 2016
  2. A C E

    A C E Eternal Poster Established

  3. tag natin.. any truth about this sir DraftDraft ?
  4. MudBlood

    MudBlood Journeyman Established

    Huh? Wag naman.
    meask likes this.
  5. shockz28

    shockz28 Enthusiast Established

    mganda kasing site toh.. and2 na lahat
  6. wilmaforever

    wilmaforever Addict Established

  7. haruna chi

    haruna chi Addict Established

    San mo nakuha yang balita mo ts?
  8. Piper

    Piper Addict Established

    naku! wag naman sana.
  9. azura666

    azura666 Addict Established

  10. dpkry

    dpkry Honorary Poster Established

    mas na-curious ako kung paano nalaman ni ts
  11. tononot_13

    tononot_13 Addict Established

    saan ba galing ang tsismis na yan ts?
  12. veyron24

    veyron24 Addict Established

  13. halunlani1003

    halunlani1003 Addict Established

  14. pakiclarify po boss..!
    full details po..
  15. bakit nila ibebenta eh ang laki ng kita nila sa ads dito eh. .
    kahit nga smart at globe may ads dba?hahah
  16. LUNIX

    LUNIX Enthusiast Established

    phcorner.net ata ang ibinebenta at nd phcorner.net
  17. baka phcorner.net bro.
    nyahaha ..nililito mo ako ah.
  18. vzajcevz

    vzajcevz Addict Established

    Sana di ito totoo :( maraming taong natutulungan dahil sa phc eh.
  19. LUNIX

    LUNIX Enthusiast Established

    mali pala.haha phcorner.net ang ibinebenta at nd ata phcorner.net.hahaha nagkasalasala na ehh
  20. junpong03

    junpong03 Enthusiast Established

    hala mali kayo ang ibebenta phcorner .net ang ibebenta
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