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(Share) Acrylic DNS

Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by Tobisawa, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. What is Acrylic DNS?
    Acrylic is a local DNS proxy for Windows which improves the performance of your computer by caching the responses coming from your DNS servers and helps you fight unwanted ads through a custom HOSTS file (optimized for handling hundreds of thousands of domain names) with support for wildcards and regular expressions.

    What Acrylic DNS do?
    When you browse a web page a portion of the loading time is dedicated to name resolution (usually from a few milliseconds to 1 second or more) while the rest is dedicated to the transfer of the web page contents and resources to your browser. What Acrylic does is to reduce the time dedicated to name resolution for frequently visited addresses closest to zero possible. It may not seem such a great optimization but in a few weeks of Internet browsing you will probably save an hour or so, which is definitely not such a bad thing. Furthermore Acrylic's sliding expiration caching mechanism, simultaneous forwarding to multiple DNS servers and support for background DNS updates are able to improve your browsing experience independently of the browser.

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    How to set Acrylic DNS after installation?

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  2. Hello Good evening.

    As I read your post i suddenly interested on trying it but, is it safe , i mean its bug free?. thanks and regards.
  3. in need of something like this.thanks for sharing!
  4. harukaze please update regarding on this thread it will be a big help for me. thanks.
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