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Secretly Hide Any File Inside JPG Image File

Discussion in 'GFX' started by delfermil30, Aug 22, 2015.

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    Few months ago , USA Today story claimed that al-Qaeda operatives were sending out encrypted messages by hiding them inside digital photographs [jpg files] on eBay.

    While the claim was never proved, it is very easy to hide [or embed] any other file inside a JPEG image. You can place video clips, pdf, mρ3, Office documents, zipped files, webpage or any other file format inside a JPEG image.
    And when a suspecting user [read CIA, FBI] tries to open that jpeg file [with concealed information] in either a photo editing software or as a thumbnail inside Windows Explorer, it would be tough to make out if this camouflaged jpg file is different from any standard jpg image.

    Let's say you want to hide a confidentialPDF document from the tax investigation officers. What you can do is convert that file into a regular jpg image so even if anyone double-clicks this file, all he will see is a preview of the image and nothing else. And when you want to work on the actual PDF, just rename the extension from jpg to pdf.

    Here's the full trick:

    Step 1: You will need two files - the file you want to hide and one jpg image - it can be of any size or dimensions. [If you want to hide multiple files in one jpeg image, just zip them into one file]

    Step 2: Copy the above two files to the C: folder and open the command prompt window.

    Step 3: Move to the c: root by typing cd \ [if the files are in another folder, you'll have to change the prompt to that folder]

    Step 4: The most important step - type the following command:

    copy /b myimage.jpg + filetohide.pdf my_new_image.jpg

    To recover the original PDF file, just rename my_new_image.jpg to filename.pdf.

    Here we illustrated with an pdf file as that works with simple renaming. If you want to apply this technique to other file formats like XLS, DOC, PPT, AVI, WMV, WAV, SWF, etc, you may have to first compress them in RAR format before executing the copy /b DOS command.

    To restore the original file, rename the .jpg file to .rar and extract it using 7-zip or Winrar.
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  2. Lawliet_1

    Lawliet_1 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    pakiayos ang thread na ito ;)
  3. Done! (y)
  4. EARZE

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    thanks for sharing boss.. (y)
  5. boss bakit "The system cannot find the file specified." nilagay kona sa C: hindi ko pinasok sa mga folder anjan lang sa labas. here's my command boss "copy /b BOINK SHIRT.jpg + BMPC APPLI+.docx BOINK_SHIRT.jpg" yung bmpc appli may "+" sa last. tama ba yung command ko? bakit ganun po ang prompt. please help me. thanks and more power :)

    gumana sya kung zip mo mona bago i.command. pero kung image+docx gumana sya pero hindi kopo alam kung papano i.extract/ipalabas yung file sa image. kahit irename ko yung image.jpg to file.docx ayaw lumabas. pero thanks sa technique boss. keep sharing :)
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  7. e try mo ang name na walang spacing
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    Nice share,try ko minsan gawin
  10. Cool. Thanks for this
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    thanks for sharing boss.. (y)
  12. thanks sa share:)
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