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Scarred people are beautiful

Discussion in 'Quotes & Poems' started by prinsesangtamad, Sep 20, 2014.

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  1. Man Speaks:

    I've seen a number of môviês lately, Lord, like Romeo and Juliet.
    The love of young people… at least in these môviês is beautiful…so simple, so total, so uncomplicated.
    They seem so natural, so free in their emotions, so clear in their feelings.
    I wish I could be like that, Lord.
    But I can’t be.
    I've been hurt, Lord.

    I have trusted and been betrayed at times.
    I have loved and received nothing in return.
    I have tried to care and failed…often.
    I have shared my secrets and heard them whispered to others.
    I've been through it, Lord.

    I've fallen on my face.
    I've banged my shins.
    I've been bruised.
    Look, Lord, I’m all covered with scars.

    The LORD speaks:

    Maybe you haven’t understood enough.
    Maybe you haven’t learned that human life is like that: all saints are scarred.
    Young love isn't the highest form of human love.
    The greatest love comes from scarred people.

    I know many people stop loving so they won’t be hurt again.
    But those who do start over again who continue in spite of all who leave themselves open to the possibility of hurt again…
    These people are able to love in a deeper way, a more understanding way, a richer way.

    Man Speaks:

    I think I know what you mean, Lord.
    I've met people like that…and knowing them gives me courage.
    The great people are those who continue to love with all their scars.
    I like scarred people, Lord.
    They are beautiful.

    This prose has somewhat affected and pushed me to become the kind of person I am right now.

    I have abandoned flirting with happiness and all its promises. I chose to let go of any coherent thought, or logic. I chose to open my eyes, but see things on a shaded light. I chose to hear what others have to say, but never to make judgment based on that.

    I turn to beauty and irony, the irony of beauty. I cannot help but see beauty in melancholy, beauty in the otherwise mundane and inexplicable suffering. I believe that by being human, we are capable of pain and suffering, that alone makes us beautiful.

    So regardless of our ironies and insecurities and other ignorable facts of who we are as a people, do not forget that “We are Beautiful”.

    Written by Rev. Charles Cooke
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