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Sana makatulong sa walapang connection

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by bezd, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. bezd

    bezd Addict Established

    Setup reverse tunnel

    Run the following in your client machine


    EXPOSED_PORT is the port exposed to the internet in the proxy server
    SERVICE_PORT is the port your application is listening in your machine
    USER is the username of the ssh user
    HOST is the proxy server host
    EXPOSED_PORT is the same as PORT_TARGET in proxy.js

    If proxying does not work, check if you have set the following line in your sshd config of the proxy server

    GatewayPorts clientspecified
    After you haved logged in to the ssh server, run the proxy
    "use strict";

    Creates a HTTP proxy that rewrites Host: header to a predefined value
    Useful when forwarding requests to Apache or Nginx virtual hosts
    PORT_LISTEN=123 PORT_TARGET=456 HOST_TARGET= HOST_ORIGIN="tere.ee" node proxy.js
    * PORT_LISTEN is the port the proxy should be listening for incoming requests
    * PORT_TARGET is the port the target server is listening for
    * HOST_TARGET is the hostname or IP where the target server is listening on
    * HOST_ORIGIN is the value that is set for the Host: header

    var http = require("http"),
    url = require("url");

    var listenPort = process.env.PORT_LISTEN || 8080,
    targetPort = process.env.PORT_TARGET || 9000,
    targetHost = process.env.HOST_TARGET || "localhost",
    origin = process.env.HOST_ORIGIN || "origin";

    var server = http.createServer(function(request, response){
    var options, proxyRequest, user;

    request.headers.host = origin;
    request.headers['x-forwarded-for'] = request.headers['x-forwarded-for'] || request.connection.remoteAddress;

    options = url.parse("http://" + targetHost+(targetPort?":"+targetPort:"") + request.url);
    options.method = request.method;
    options.headers = request.headers;

    proxyRequest = http.request(options);

    proxyRequest.addListener("response", function (proxyResponse) {
    response.writeHead(proxyResponse.statusCode, proxyResponse.headers);

    // Log requests to console
    console.log("%s [%s] \"%s %s\" %s",
    new Date().toISOString().replace(/T/, " ").replace(/\.\d+Z/i, ""),


    server.listen(listenPort, function(){
    console.log("Proxy listening on port %s", listenPort);
    console.log("Forwarding requests to Please or Register to view links as %s", targetHost+(targetPort?":"+targetPort:""), origin);

    Pag tagpi tagpi in nyu po yung nalalaman nyu sa http tapos i intack nyu po yung development sa setting na yan. Sana ma gets kung hindi, intindihin nyu po mabuti para makuha nyu.
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  2. G Flum

    G Flum PHC Master Established

    Keep on sharing
  3. keep sharing :cigar:
  4. ruelox6680

    ruelox6680 Enthusiast Established

  5. andrespogi

    andrespogi Addict Established

    thanks working sakin.
  6. YAKSU

    YAKSU Addict Established

    saan working area ts...
  7. Hirap Po Intdihin Pwede bang paturo Ako ??
  8. Pano Mo Nagawa ??
  9. maimai25

    maimai25 Addict Established

  10. wala ata ako alam dito..hahaha..salamat pa rin..
  11. Wala akung maintindihan :cry:
  12. azboibaboi

    azboibaboi Enthusiast Established

  13. bezd

    bezd Addict Established

  14. Netwroking and development... hayss mahina ako dito
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