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Samsung with Chip like paper (Trivia)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeanh, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Why do Samsung mobile phone batteries comes with a chip like paper, are they spying us?

    That's the NFC antenna. The problem with NFC is that it requires quite a large antenna, and lithium ion batteries tend to block the signal. So phone makers have two solutions: put the antenna on the back of the battery, or put the antenna on the back of the case.

    Samsung phones use either method:



    This is why Samsung batteries that have this built-in antenna are marked "Near Field Communication" on the label:

    And if you buy any after-market batteries for those phones, you have to make sure that they are "NFC capable", since after-market batteries without the NFC antenna stops the NFC functionality on your phone from working.

    Apple's Apple Pay (which is NFC) actually mill their antenna into the back plate of the phone:

    So, if you're worried about the chip stealing your data, you can feel free to peel it off. It'll stop your NFC functionality from working, but that's the price you have to pay when you follow misguided internet paranoia.

    Oh, also you should probably never use wireless charging, because it uses a similar type of antenna that's fitted to the back shell on some phones.

    You know, you should probably just remove ALL antennas just to be safe. It's the only way to absolutely ensure that nobody can possibly track your phone usage.

    The video you watched on Watsapp is a fake one. There is nothing like Samsung is stealing your data or your personal information. These are hoaxes which disparages the brand value of Samsung. That black chip you are talking about is NFC chip where if it is removed off, you may lose some benefits of NFC.


    Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 are equipped with NFC. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is the term given to the transfer of data over very short distances, typically between 3 and 18mm, though potentially up to 10cm! The uses of NFC are proving not only popular, but useful too, with the ability for quick file transfer and payment transactions, it offers a whole host of useful services. Hence that chip completely outcast the problem of spying your personal data and I think that we will soon see NFC-enabled phones replacing cards.

    PS: Do not remove that chip.
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