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Samsung galaxy s5 rom xtrestolite intl 1.3.7a & h 1.4 [588mb°super debloated°addon package]

Discussion in 'Android Firmware & ROMs' started by dan, Oct 29, 2014.

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  1. dan

    dan Addict Established

    Presenting my Extremely De-bloated TouchWiz ROM:


    This will be the lightest TouchWiz ROM you ever will see! Just 586 MB
    See Please or Register to view links for the G900F/I/T/L/S/M/W8 XtreStoLite Aroma Add-on Package
    See Please or Register to view links for the G900H Exynos XtreStoLite version (ROM & Add-on package)
    And Please or Register to view links for latest Odin Bootloader & Modem packages for each model

    INTL. G900F/I/T/L/S/M/W8 version ROM Details:

    - Based on the latest Samsung Stock G900F XXU1ANG7 firmware (Base build date: 22-7-2014)

    - Options between the following 3 kernels:

    1. Stock XXU1ANG7 Kernel ONLY for the G900F (with bootloader ANG2+) & G900M (with bootloader ANG3+)
    2. Modded Stock Kernel (for the T/I/W8/L/S models and G900F/M with old bootloader)
    3. Latest KToonsez kernel
    - De-bloated ROM to approximately 500 MB!! (the other 85 MB are the choosable mods/tweaks/kernels)

    - All the standard features of Stock Android will work, so it's like an AOSP ROM with the TouchWiz launcher & SystemUI

    - Unique separate Aroma Add-on Package which includes all the removed Samsung 'bloatware' apps, so that you can flash at any timeyour missing app back... SEE POST #2

    - ROM still includes the original Samsung Gallery, Camera, Dialer, Messages, Music, Alarm & Calculator apps

    - Latest Google Keyboard (You can install the Samsung keyboard with the Aroma add-on package from post #2)

    - Latest SuperSu, BusyBox & Sqlite3 binary's integrated

    - KNOX fully removed

    - 100% Clean and correct installation script (by @_alexndr & me)

    - Native Call Recording
    - Optional working Private Mode (with the Aroma add-on package)

    - At every boot the FsTrim command will be excecuted, to keep your Phone smooth and the internal memory fast!

    - SD-card write permissions

    - Odexed (to keep it ART Runtime compatible, and to keep 100% original stock files = faster)

    - ART Runtime works (Make sure you haven't the Xposed Framework installed when using ART)

    - (Optional) CSC tweaks, like:

    ★ Add secondary symbols to the Samsung Keyboard
    ★ Native Call recording & Camera shutter sound button in the Samsung Camera app
    ★ Enable All Quick Toggles in the notification panel
    ★ Enable camera during call
    ★ TouchWiz Launcher is sorted Alphabetically at default
    ★ Disabled Auto-correction for the Samsung Keyboard at default
    ★ Filming with the Samsung camera app no longer pauses Music (if you're playing music)
    ★ Messaging time stamps to it's original time
    ★ Enable Call Button in Contact list
    ★ Call/Message blocking Settings entry
    ★ Enable Camera during call
    ★ Music won't pause while using the Camera
    ★ Message 999 recipient limit
    ★ Message server time-stamp
    ★ Exit button in the Samsung internet Browser

    - A few optional build.prop tweaks, like: Fewer WiFi scans, Faster Boot animation speeds, Disabled call ring and Proximity delay, and disabled logging.

    - This ROM supports the following models: G900F, G900I, G900T, G900M, G900W8, G900L, G900S

    - Separate XtreStoLite Please or Register to view links & Please or Register to view links versions available

    - Option to choose between American or European regional values (to show the American 4G/LTE or European H+/4G data icons and the correct date/time format)

    -The ROM contains only 100% Original Stock files (No modded APK, Framework & lib files), this gives you the most stable, fastest & smoothest experience.

    - But if you really want some mods, then you still can choose between 5 different mods when installing the ROM:
    • Advanced Reboot Menu
    • Remove Safe Sound warning
    • Remove S-Finder & QuickConnect buttons in the Notification drawer
    • 3Minit Battery Mod (choose between 1070+ battery icons)
    • Modded Messages app with the following mods:

    ★ Fixed the Messages block list FC
    ★ Enabled Save/restore messages function
    ★ Disabled automatic SMS-to-MMS conversion
    ★ Increased the SMS limit per hour to 1000
    ★ Disabled SMS, MMS and Email in Call logs
    ★ Increased the MMS max. file size to 2048000 bytes + Increased max. MMS image size to 4096x2048 [8.4MP]
    ★ Enabled Screen on/off notification toggle in the settings (of the Messages app)
    ★ Disable SMS-to-MMS conversion when message contains an Emoji

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    • See Post #2 for the Aroma Add-on Package, so that you can choose which Samsung Apps / functions you want back.
      You can use this Aroma add-on package at any time after flashing this rom (So you can first use the rom barebone and look for yourself which app/feature you want to have back)
    • Settings -> Wallpaper FC's!? That's normal... because you have to flash the Samsung Wallpaper picker add-on with the XtreStoLite Aroma Add-on Package for this (see post #2)
    • The ART runtime is still experimental, and I don't recommend to use it. You will also get slightly better performance with the Dalvik runtime.
    • The aim of this ROM is to keep it as close to the stock firmware as possible. Because this way the ROM is the most stable you can get, and also you don't have any mods that can have influence on the performance and/or battery life of the ROM.
      Also you can tweak the interface on your own nowadays with Xposed Framework plugins like: Wanam Xposed, GravityBox & Xposed G-TouchWiz.
    • If you're experiencing ANY issue, then first make sure that you're on the latest bootloader/firmware (see post #4 for latest one for your model), and that you've done an clean install (data/factory reset before installing the ROM).
      Also some Xposed modules can cause some issues, first disable all your Xposed modules and see if the problem still exist for you.
    • With the Xposed G-TouchWiz plugin you can remove/hide the S-Finder & QuickConnect buttons in the notification panel.
      And with the 'Galaxy S5 Widgets' Xposed module you can getwidgets on your lock-screen.
      So please don't ask in this thread if I can add an mod for those functions.
    • With the Xposed plugin XSecureStorage you can still use the Private Mode & S-Health without any problem in combination with all the included mods (which are in this ROM) & the Xposed framework.
      (If you're getting continual an Health Service force close after installing this Xposed plugin, then Clear the app data of both S-Health & HealthService apps in Settings -> App manager)
    • If you do use Philz/CWM recovery, then you can get an warning when you try to reboot after flashing, that the su binary is not installed or to restore the recovery... always answer NO to those questions (otherwise you will lose root)
    • I strongly recommend to install SVoice with the Aroma add-on package, even if you don't use SVoice, just to disable the Home key SVoice launch delay in SVoice. (Svoice -> Menu key -> Settings -> De-select: Open via the home key)
      After disabling this option, the home key will react much quicker when you press it.
      You can disable the Svoice app if you want after this (Settings -> Application Manager -> All -> S Voice -> Disable), but do not delete the app data of it.
    • I recommend to set all the 3 Animation settings to 0.5 in the Developer settings menu, for much faster animations (and experience).
      How to:
      - Enable the Developer Options (Settings -> About Device -> 8x tap the Build number)
      - Go to the Developer Options (Settings -> Developer options)
      - Scroll down, and set:
      'Window animation scale' to 0.5
      'Transition animation scale' to 0.5
      'Animator duration scale' to 0.5
      - Enjoy the faster animations!
    • All the Google Play Store apps are NOT included in the ROM (or Aroma add-on package), you can download those by yourself in the Play Store.
    • If you did choose the KToonsez kernel option in the installer of the ROM, then make sure you accept the SuperSu root permission promt after first boot-up.
    • If you choose to use the KToonsez kernel, then an custom kernel profile (by @LuigiBull23) will be automatically set as default kernel settings... This profile has an slightly OC (2,6 GHz) on the CPU at default.
      The kernel settings can you tweak by yourself with the KTweaker app.
    • If you experience reboots with the Ktoonsez kernel, then try to disable the OC on the CPU with the Ktweaker app (decrease max. CPU frequency to 2,45 Ghz) or increase the CPU voltages with 25 or 30 mV
    • If you're experiencing any other issue/bug while using the KToonsez (or any other custom) kernel, then always first flash back the Stock Samsung kernel, and look if you still experience the issue/bug, before you post an reply here about your issue/bug.
    • The 'OK Google' voice command for the Google Search app works only if you have set your system language to one of the supported languages for this voice command.
    • If you choose to use the ART runtime, then the first reboot after you did choose the ART runtime will take a very long time to boot up. The bootscreen shows up longer than usual (around the 3 minutes), and after that the 'Android is upgrading...' screen will take a few minutes)



    - @Ktoonsez (for the amazing Please or Register to view links)
    - @LuigiBull23 (for the great Ktoonsez profiles)
    - @_alexndr (for parts of the installation script, the native init.d support & Multi-CSC feature)
    - @steha (for helping me with the Mods in v.1.3.5+)
    - HyperX- (for the HX-Camera-Mod)
    - @Txr33 (for the G900I NFC Fix) (Updated them by myself to the newest G900I base)
    - @gharrington (for the 3Minit Battery Mod)
    - @tamirda (for the Screen Mirroring build.prop fix)
    - All the beta testers of course!!


       Sorry you need to Register / Login to see this Codes!    

    How-to Install:

    Root & Install custom recovery: (Only needed if you haven't done this yet)
    - Flash Please or Register to view links for your model with Odin
    - Make sure you have an custom recovery installed ( Please or Register to view links / Please or Register to view links/ Please or Register to view links) (This trips your KNOX warranty counter!)

    Install the ROM
    - Make sure you're on an Please or Register to view links
    - Copy the ROM (& Aroma add-on package) zip files to your internal or external memory of your Phone
    - Do a Data/Factory reset first in your recovery
    - Start the installation
    - Reboot
    - Enjoy the Rom! :D
    - Optionally: Flash the Aroma add-on Package, to restore some of the removed Samsung Apps/Functions that you want (You can do this anytime!)

    I would NOT recommend to restore system apps or app data of your apps with Titanium backup, only the apps themselves.
    Restoring App data or System apps can cause many problems. (This applies to any ROM!)

    For the G900S and G900L models use this recovery: Please or Register to view links (flash with Odin)

    Download links for:

    G900F/I/T/L/S/M/W8 version

    ROM XXU1ANG7 V.1.3.7a: (588,4 MB)

    Please or Register to view links

    Please or Register to view links
    MD5: 1294e2f8f1232963193bf553392a6092
    (check the MD5 of your download before flashing)

    Please or Register to view links
    See Please or Register to view links for the G900H Exynos XtreStoLite version
    And a separate G900T XtreStoLite version Please or Register to view links

    See Please or Register to view links for the latest Flashable Odin Modems/Bootloaders for all the supported models
    ONLY use Aroma add-on package v.1.3.4 or higher with this version of the ROM!

    All the included Stock kernels as an flashable zip:
    - Please or Register to view links
    - Please or Register to view links
    - Please or Register to view links (NFC Works again!)
    - Please or Register to view links(for when you did flash an custom kernel and want to have the stock kernel back)
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