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Safe Surfing - Tips for Secure Internet Browsing

Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by PageNotFound, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. Just wanna share some tips for safe and secure internet browsing..(y)(y)

    The Web is full of malicious programs and software that can wreak havoc on your computer’s file systems. Viruses and malware can result in everything from annoying pop-up ads to threats that can wipe out your entire operating system. Internet security threats can be prevented with a few simple safe surfing tips.

    Safe Browsing Practices
    • Visit only trusted sites with valid security certificates.
    • As much as possible, try to avoid ****ographic websites. **** sites on the Internet are hotspots for dangerous malware like pop-up ads and security threats.
    • Be very careful when asked to fill out personal information, like credit card account numbers. You may be the next victim of Internet scams and cyber-theft.
    • Clear your browser cache every now and then to free up hard drive space.
    • Be very careful when using download managers. They may make downloading files easier and faster, but they can also download malware in the background.

    Safe Browsing on Public or Shared Computers

    • Never disclose your password to important or private Internet accounts to anyone.
    • Always remember to log out of important accounts like e-mail, forums, or social network sites.
    • Be very careful when using removable writable media. Viruses and malware may copy themselves onto the drive and affect other computers you attach the drive to.

    More Computer Safety Tips

    • If you can afford it, use a reputable anti-virus software package.
    • If you cannot afford proprietary anti-virus software packages, some freeware packages work quite well.
    • Do not open an e-mail attachment if you are not absolutely sure what it contains.
    • Run a full system scan and full disk defragmentation every month.
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  2. thanks sa tip TS.
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  3. La Freak

    La Freak Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Keep It Up
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  4. Thanks for the useful tips :happy:(y)
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  5. anu po yung **** sites :hilarious: btw thanks for this (y)
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  6. Lam na yan.. yan yung AZ haha
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  7. thank you, useful tips, keep it up :)
  8. copyMerk

    copyMerk Forum Veteran Established

    Pwedeng alisin yung ***ographic sites.:p
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