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Rooted Guide Phone List

Discussion in 'Android Unlocking & Rooting' started by warrock, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Rooted Guide Phone List
    Last updated: July, 2015
    Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini - Framaroot
    Alcatel One Touch Magic - Baiduroot
    Alcatel One Touch 918n - Root Master
    Alcatel 4030e - Root Master
    Alcatel 4033e - Framaroot
    Alcatel Pop c7 - King Root
    Alcatel pop d5 - King Root
    CD-r King B1EP2 - Baidu Rootj
    Cherry Mobile:
    CM Superion - Kingoroot pc
    CM Titan TV - Moborobo
    CM Rave - Root Master
    CM Sonic - Kingroot
    CM Spin - Kingroot
    CM Snap - Vroot / Moborobo
    CM Thunder - Framaroot
    CM Life - Framaroot
    CM Edge2 - IROOTV pc
    CM Flare HD - Framaroot Borromir
    Cherry Mobile Cruize 2 - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Omega icon - iRoot
    Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum-King Root
    Cherry Mobile Flare S - King Roott
    Cherry Mobile Flare S2 - Root Master
    Cherry Mobile Flare S3 - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Flare S3 - Vroot/iRoot
    Cherry Mobile Flare Lite - sp flash tool pc
    Cherry Mobile Me Vibe - King Root
    Cherry Mobile s100 - King Root/Framaroot
    Cherry Mobile w120 - Root Master
    Cherry Mobile Amber- Framaroot
    Cherry Mobile Pebble - iRoot
    Cherry Mobile Quartz - Root Master/iRoot
    Cherry Mobile Garnet - Framaroot
    Cherry Mobile Bubble - Baiduroot / iRoot
    Cherry Mobile Urban - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Gem - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Topaz - Framaroot
    Cherry Mobile Amethyst - Framaroot
    Cherry Mobile Fuze - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Emerald - King Root/vroot
    Cherry Mobile Cole - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Ruby -Framaroot/King Root
    Cherry Mobile Granite - iRoot
    Cloudfone Excite 470Q - Framaroot
    Cloudfone Excite 502Q - Root Master
    Cloudfone Excite 504D - VRoot
    Cloudfone Ice 350e - Iroot Pc
    Firefly s90 kitkat - 360root
    HTC Explorer - Kingoroot pc
    HTC One m7 - htc toolkit pc
    Huawei y210-0100 - Root Master
    Huawei y600-U20 - iRoot
    Huawei U10 - King Root
    Huawei Ascend P1 LTE - Baiduroot
    Kata f1s - King Root v.4
    Kata i3s - Kingoroot pc
    LG Phones Use Stump Root
    LG G2 - King Root
    LG E610/612 - Vroot
    LG E975 (kitkat version) - Towelroot
    LG Optimus E425 - Root Master
    Lenovo A60+ - King Root
    Lenovo A329 - Kingoroot pc
    Lenovo A269i - Framaroot
    Lenovo A369i - Framaroot
    Lenovo A328 - King Root
    Lenovo A390 - Root Master
    Lenovo A516 - Framaroot
    Lenovo A526 - 360 Root
    Lenovo A526 - iRoot
    Lenovo A536 - King Root
    Lenovo A680 - Framaroot
    Lenovo S820 - Kingoroot pc
    Lenovo S860 - King Root
    Lenovo S650 - King Root
    MyPhone A818i duo - Baiduroot
    MyPhone A919 duo - Root Master
    MyPhone Agua Hail - Framaroot
    MyPhone Agua Rain 2G - Framaroot
    MyPhone Agua Rio - Framaroot
    MyPhone Agua Storm - Framaroot
    MyPhone Agua Ocean Mini -King Root
    MyPhone Iceberg - King Root
    MyPhone Rio V2 KitKat - King Root
    MyPhone Rio - Framaroot 1.9.1
    MyPhone Rio Fun - Framaroot
    MyPhone Rio Craze - King Root
    MyPhone Rio Lite - Framaroot
    MyPhone Rio Junior - King Root
    Oppo neo 3 - Root Master
    O+ 360 alpha - King Root
    O+ 360 - King Root
    O+ 8.91 - iRoot
    O+ 8.92 - Root Master
    O+ 8.33 - King Root
    O+ 8.36z - Root Master
    O+ 8.31z - King Root
    O+ 8.52 - King Root
    O+ 8.6 - Root Master
    Samsung s5300 - update.zip
    Samsung ѕ5301 - King Root/Odin
    Samsung s5310 - King Root
    Samsung s610 - Root master / update.zip
    Samsung Ace - Baiduroot
    Samsung Ace 3 - King Root
    Samsung Ace + - Iroot
    Samsung Fame - King Root
    Samsung Grand 2 - Odin
    Samsung Grand neo duos - King Root
    Samsung Galaxy Pocket - Root.zip
    Samsung S Duos - King Root
    Samsung s2 - Framaroot 1.9.3
    Samsung s3 - CF auto root
    Samsung s4 - Odin
    Samsung s4 mini - King Root
    Samsung s5 - Odin
    Samsung s5 - King Root
    Samsung Tab 3 - Framaroot
    Samsung Y - Update.zip
    Samsung Y 5360 - Iroot pc
    Samsung Y GTS5360 - King Root
    Samsung GTS5300 - update.zip
    Samsung S4 SGH-i337 - Towel Root
    Samsung galaxy v - Odin
    Skk A11 - Vroot
    Skk Neo - Framaroot
    Skk Neo 3g - Root Master
    Skk Neo Explay - Framaroot
    Skk Marian VI - King Root
    Skk Wind - King Root
    Sony Xperia:
    Sony Xperia J - Framaroot
    Sony Xperia L - Root Master
    Sony Xperia M - Towel Root
    Sony Xperia T - Towel Root
    Sony Xperia V - Towel Root
    Sony Xperia SP - Towel Root j
    Sony Xperia Z2 - King Root
    Sony Xperia Z3 - King Root
    Sony Xperia Neo V - iRoot
    Sony Xperia Go - Root Master
    Sony Xperia LT25i - Towel Root
    Starmobile Play (JB) - King Root
    Starmobile Play 4.2.2 - Framaroot
    Starmobile Hit - iRoot
    Starmobile Sky - King Root
    Starmobile Quest - iRoot pc
    Starmobile Diamond s1- Framaroot
    Starmobile Diamond s2 - Framaroot
    Starmobile Vida - Kingroot
    Starmobile Knight - King Root
    Starmobile Navi - King Root (english)
    Torque Droidz Atom X - iRoot
    Torque Droid Easy - Root Master
    Torque Droid Inspire - King Root
    ZH&K w8000 - Root Master
    Zentel Zen 5 - King Root
    ZTE Kis III V790 - IROOT

    Sana makatulong.
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  2. sige salamat.. ma try nga yung iba dyan
  3. cge, feedBack po if working sayo.
  4. thanks for sharing
  5. boss universal unroot meron ka?
  6. Ano ba magandang pang root nitong samsung s4 korea 32GB version ko boss? Kasi nung niroot ko xa gamit ang iroot parang may hindi normal sa behavior ng wifi nya kc lagi xa nag lolog-out agad..Help po mga boss
  8. Hi guyz can someone help me here myZENFONE 5 T00K lite how to root it without computer?
  9. alcatel c7 phone ku..gmt ku kingroot...bkt hnd nainstal ung supersu..
  10. Azeroth220

    Azeroth220 Grasshopper Established

    How about sa samsung note 3 neo duos po?
  11. ung sa cm nova 2 po wla tlaga akong mkita n app n png root s phone q n yan pls phnap tnx
  12. cloudfone excite 504d. gagana po ba ung vroot sa android 4.4.2

  13. pano po sa samsung galaxy j1 pa help po pnu e root
  14. skk mobile po lynx edge
    zenfone selfie.

    ano po magandang pang root ?
  15. pwede rin ba yung root master sa o+8.37z?
  16. Hi,anyone has rooted a Starmobile Diamond s3 4.2.2?Please share.thanks
  17. Cherry mobile hd TOuch po ???
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