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Rollback rx 10.0 build 2698100748

Discussion in 'Windows Applications (Freeware only)' started by richardrr, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    RollBack Rx is a robust system restore utility that enables home users and IT professionals to easily restore a PC to a time before certain events occurred. RollBack Rx makes it easy for users of all skill levels to quickly and easily repair PC issues – saving time, money and PC trouble. “Go Back In Time” and return your computer to the way it was an hour ago, a day ago, or even 6 months ago… More powerful than Windows System Restore; as it restores everything not just system files. Easily Roll-Back to uninstall software, recover from a virus attack, or even back out of a failed software deployment… RollBack Rx makes it easy to restore your PC’s to a previous state… RollBack Rx is an industry leading PC protection utility. It represents an advancement in technology that has never before been available in protecting computers from viruses, users or system problems. RollBack Rx significantly reduces PC trouble shooting, repairing and restoring time to seconds!It can restore any size hard drive with a matter of a few mouse clicks. Empowering both home users and enterprise IT support personnel to achieve tremendous savings of time and money on maintaining their computers.

    Your Complete Windows System Restore Solution – Windows System Restore can only restore Windows “System Files” and “Some” Program files. RollBack Rx functions at the sector level of the hard drive and restores every bit of data – in essence making your PC a virtual time-machine.
    Your Daily Continuous Backup Solution – RollBack Rx reduces the dependancy for daily backups or carrying duplicate images of hard drives. It is different from backups in that it allows you to take continuous backup snapshots of your system silently in the background while using minimal system resources. Each backup snapshot take only 2 to 3 seconds. Rollback Rx allows users and/or administrators to create a “snapshot” of the entire system at a specific time or on a fixed schedule (hourly, daily etc). You can take as many snapshots as you would like and you can roll-back and roll-forward from any snapshot at any time…
    Your Software Uninstaller – RollBack Rx allows users to safely test software, security updates and more. When you take a snapshot prior to installing any software or critical update etc. – RollBack Rx recognizes how your hard drive is composed at the bit level prior to the installation/update. If you are unhappy with the installation you can safely uninstall all components with a few mouse clicks. RollBack Rx guarantees 100% bit level recovery – translating to absolute uninstallation of any software quickly and easily.
    Day Zero Protection & Disaster Recovery Solution – RollBack Rx is designed to protect both the user and PC from accidental user errors and day-zero attacks. Without restricting the users’ activities, RollBack Rx will transparently take system snapshots on a schedule that you configure for your system. If a virus, malware or even *BSoD occurs – You can restore your system up-to-the-minute of the system crash. With no data loss. Making RollBack Rx the only disaster recovery solution that can guarantee no data loss, even if Windows is unbootable.
    Enterprise Level Network Administration – RollBack Rx offers an additional Enterprise version of RollBack Rx – enabling administrators to configure all of the RollBack Rx client installations over a internet based console. Simplifying the workload of the network administrator while providing all client-based functions on a remote console.
    RollBack Rx Professional – Provides security and management capabilities – offering Restore on Reboot or Logoff. Single Snapshot based architecture. Ideal for public access computers or shared computer environments, Kiosks, Libraries or where-ever “Reboot-and-Restore” or “Logoff-and-restore” solutions would be used. RollBack Rx Pro can take multiple snapshots (virtually unlimited). Provides file/folder recovery, and can restore systems with No data loss.
    RollBack Rx® Highlights:
    • RollBack Rx doesn’t impact performance
    • Can be remotely managed and deployed (Enterprise Version)
    • RollBack Rx™ only takes 0.1% of total hard disk space.
    • Supports virtually unlimited snapshots.
    • Takes less than 3 seconds to create a new snapshot.
    • Creates a complete system snapshot without restarting the system.
    • Create new snapshots manually, automatically or upon file execution.
    • Recovers corrupted or deleted files from any snapshots easily and quickly.
    • Revert file histories from any of the 60,000 snapshots.
    • Restores a completely crashed system to any snapshot in seconds.
    • Restores a completely crashed system with data up to the second of crash.
    • Restores entire system to any of the 60,000 snapshots.
    • Restores system to any snapshot with data synchronization.
    • Configure the system to automatically restore to a snapshot of your choice.
    • Highly configurable interface – hide program interface from end users.
    • Includes dynamic disk space management. Releases the unused disk space upon the deletion of snapshots.
    • Contains intelligent disk space monitoring, informing users about the disk space usage of each snapshot.
    • Offers flexible and powerful access control.
    • Supports Multi-boot systems and VM Ware.
    • Consists of multi-partition protection selection.
    • Incorporates quick reset of system baseline.
    • Offers detailed program operation logging.
    • Supports all industry standard deployment options.
    • Provides completely hands-free, silent background installations.
    • Includes configuration during installation. Customizes the program upon installation.
    And much more…

    Roll-Back System Restore Software Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32 and 64).
    Changes in RollBack Rx 10.0:
    - Windows 8 compatibility.
    - Supports UEFI BIOS.
    - Supports Advanced Format Disk.
    - New Application Console, Tray Icon, and Subsystem interface.
    - Allows Application Console program interface to resize.
    - Gives upgrade switch option for upgrading from v9 to v10.
    - Setup takes product IDs in blocks as requested by users.
    - Supports setup on systems with more than 4 hard disks.
    - Supports Windows XP 64bit OS.
    - Allows unattended setup reading program settings from clear text based setup.ini, so 3rd party applications can programmatically set program settings in the setup.ini before unattended setup.
    - Improved Setup speed.
    - Adds a text based subsystem for systems that require faster subsystem load times.
    - Adds command line switches to switching the subsystem from various VGA modes to Text
    - Allow users to set registry keys to be excluded from being rolled back
    - Adds command line options to manage scheduled tasks.
    - Adda a subscription-based license option.
    - Move background snapshots defragmenter into the service SHDSERV.
    - Move Windows portion of the uninstaller from the shieldtray.exe to the service SHDSERV.
    - Move snapshot synchronization from shieldtray.exe to the service SHDSERV.
    - New “Restore from snapshot” context menu program.
    - New “Rollback system” program for the tray icon menu.
    - New “Take snapshot” program for the tray icon menu.
    - Allow users to setup wild cards for event-based scheduled tasks.
    - Add “Age” column for snapshot properties which shows how many minutes, hours, or days ago the snapshot was created.
    - Add “Show snapshots from last week” filter.
    - Add “Show snapshots from last month” filter.
    - Add connector for Drive Cloner Rx to backup snapshots data structure.
    - Customized Rollback to automatically take a new snapshot before user sets up a program.
    - Zip Rollback snapshot data structure tables for better performance.
    - Redesigned the module that loads snapshot data structure for mounting snapshots.
    - Setup checks if the system is on the 1st hard disk.
    - Changed setup.exe run permission from require Administrator to as Invoker.

    Rollback Rx Client:
    - Fixed Dell BIOS A08 compatibility problem.
    - Fixed subsystem loading font library memory overflow problem.
    - Fixed subsystem setup freezes on loading graphic driver.
    - Fixed mounting snapshot with network share problem.
    - Fixed the problem that scheduled tasks cannot enter install.exe and install.msi at same time.
    - Fixed memory leaks in ps.dll
    - Fixed “getvolumebitmap” bug in snapshot defragmenter
    - Fixed subsystem freeze issue on highly fragmented memory problem
    - Fixed “network share fails” error to correctly detect shared network path.

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    Size: 12.7 MB
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