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Help Retrieving forgotten email and password

Discussion in 'Site Assistance' started by 0dlanyer22, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. To Whom It May Concern:

    Here's the scenario . . .
    Nakalimutan ko po yung password ko for Odlanyer22 acct., kaya nagchange password po ako.
    Akala ko po eh nakapag-change email ako nung last time akong nakapag-online dito,
    (Email na ginawa ko for all my social media sites, etc.), eh hindi pala at limot ko na yung email na ginamit ko.

    Paano ko pa po mareretrieve yung Odlanyer22 acct. ko? :(
    Sana pwede pa... :(
    Help admins and moderators. :(
  2. Welcome to PHCitizen ^_^ ask sir Draft
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  3. sir Draft ...sana po eh pwede pa. :(
  4. Kahit yung email na lang po Odlanyer22 acct ko ang maibigay sa akin. Tutal dun naman pumapasok yung reset pw. Ma-access ko pa naman siguro yung email kong yun. Paulit-ulit lang naman ako sa pw sa mga email add na nagawa ko eh. TY! -sir Draft

    Ito po yung acct kong yun oh...
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  5. Wrong section ka kasi bro. dito ka mag post. Please or Register to view links
  6. Huh? Paanong mali kung need ko ng assistance regarding my problem. Feedback is for what can I say with this site (good or bad) and suggestion is for some idea for the site betterment, I guess...
    Sorry kung mali pagkaka-unawa ko...
  7. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Tamang forum section po ang thread nato.
    0dlanyer22 May PM aku sayu about sa isa mung account ;)
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  8. Thanks po sir Draft...
    Whether I able to recover my old account or not, 'coz I'm in trouble too accessing my old email (tss...),, SOLVED thread na po ito. You have provided what I'm asking for... :)
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  9. Buhay na pa-totoo... :Dv
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