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Restorer ultimate 7.8 build 708689

Discussion in 'Windows Applications (Freeware only)' started by richardrr, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    Restorer Ultimate is the Professional Data Recovery Software & File Undelete Tool for FAT, NTFS, Ext2/3FS, UFS, HFS+ file systems. It represents a new generation of data recovery software to replace the well-known, award-winning Restorer2000, a major industry resource for almost ten years. Restorer Ultimate features a new kernel modified for speed and reliability, as well as a lot of additional features and improvements to make the recovery of your files easier and more productive. All this, together with a very affordable price, establishes Restorer Ultimate as the leader among competitive data recovery products and the number one choice for data recovery novices and experts alike. As long as your system’s hardware is functional, Restorer Ultimate may be the only solution you need for all your data recovery and undelete tasks. With Restorer Ultimate as do-it-yourself data recovery software, you can quickly and easily restore your files and save yourself time, money, and resources.
    Restorer Ultimate is a simple yet powerful “do-it-yourself” file recovery solution. An easy-to-use wizard-oriented interface, extensive file search capabilities, graphical file structure representation, file preview to estimate recovery chances, variety of places to store recovered files all combine to make this software ideal for home and small office users who need to recover accidentally deleted files or files from deleted/corrupted logical disks.
    Restorer Ultimate PRO turns any computer into a powerful data recovery workstation. It allows you to connect any number of disks to your computer to perform file recovery for personal, corporate, or customer needs. In addition to all the Restorer Ultimate features, PRO also includes support for RAID reconstruction and data recovery, no matter how complex the RAID layout, as well as raw file recovery (file search for their signatures), support for Macintosh and Linux/Unix file systems, an advanced text/hexadecimal editor, and much more to solve virtually any file and data recovery task. All that accounts for why Restorer Ultimate PRO is the number one choice of data recovery professionals.
    Restorer Ultimate PRO Network, with all the features of Restorer Ultimate PRO and network data recovery, is for the most part a solution for corporate users. Restorer Ultimate Network can connect to a remote computer, open and scan its hard drives, partitions, or their parts and recover files from a remote computer much as Restorer Ultimate can for a local device. The image file of the disk on the remote computer can be created, saved, and accessed over the network as well.
    Restorer Ultimate Emergency Engine (start-up recovery disk) is created on any computer. If you have a computer (including any Intel-compatible Windows, Linux, Unix or Apple machine) that failed to boot, you can create the start-up recovery disk to start up the failed computer. Then you can install Restorer Ultimate (even in the DEMO mode) on another Windows machine (“data recovery workstation”), connect those two computers via network and have access to disks on the failed computer from the data recovery workstation. The Emergency Engine supports TCP/IP protocol.
    Restorer Ultimate’s Benefits:

    • Restorer Ultimate is an easy-to-use yet professional data recovery software product.
    • The intuitive, wizard-style interface is user friendly, even for tech novices.
    • Support for the FAT/FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/NTFS5 file systems. In addition to these, the Restorer Ultimate PRO and Restorer Ultimate PRO Network editions also support the ExtFS2/ExtFS3, UFS1/UFS2, and HFS/HFS+ file systems.
    • With its SmartScan data recovery technology and the flexibility of adjusting various parameters, Restorer Ultimate gives you absolute control over the data recovery process even on corrupted or formatted hard drives.
    • Support for customizable, complex volume and stripe sets, mirrors, and RAIDs. You may explicitly specify block size and order, as well as offsets, and even create your own stripe block table. Created layouts can be saved and then loaded back.
    • Support for compressed image files to help you save space on your disks. The image file can be split into several parts for storing on various media like CD/DVD/Flash devices or for conforming to FAT file size limitations.
    • Detailed Help and Manual provide the software users with step-by-step instructions on how to use the product correctly and recover lost data efficiently.
    • The product offers you the option of doing either a quick undelete for recently deleted files or a deep disk scan for all files and partitions that have ever existed on the disk.
    • Graphics, video, and audio files can be previewed in the DEMO mode even if their native applications are not installed.
    • All found files can be recovered in DEMO mode, and registration is not required if file size is smaller than 128KB.
    • The software working in the DEMO mode can be licensed and activated on the fly; the user doesn’t need to reinstall the software. It’s not required to have an additional hard drive or partition to create an image of the entire hard drive and to save the scan result.* When the software is activated, the found files can be recovered without any limitations.
    • Recovered files can be saved to any media hard drive accessible by operating system, including local and network hard drives.
    • Restorer Ultimate Emergency Engine: If you have a computer that failed to boot, you can install Restorer Ultimate on one (“data recovery workstation”) computer and create a start-up disk to start up such computer. Then you can connect those two computers via network and have access to disks on the failed computer from the data recovery workstation.

    Requirements: An Intel-compatible platform running Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows7/Windows8.
    New features in Restorer Ultimate 7.0:

    • Support for 64 and 32 bit architectures. When working under 64-bit Windows, R-Undelete can use more than the 3GB of RAM. This is especially important when processing high-capacity disks.
    • Multilanguage support for the user interface and help. The language can be switched on-the-fly, without restarting the program. Languages supported: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian
    • Remote data recovery over the Internet. A Remote Engine can now traverse a NAT/Firewall device to connect to Restorer Ultimate.
    • During network recovery (including over the Internet) recovered files can be saved to the remote computer without transferring them over the network. A USB disk connected to the remote computer can be used for that.
    • Graphic editor for user file types for raw file search.

    Size: 18.7 MB
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