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Smart & TalknText Ressurection of SpotFluxVPN Part 2

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by JhoLou, Oct 20, 2013.

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  1. For your internet peace of mind
    Spotflux is the best way to protect and enhance your internet connection. It performs millions of cloud-based real-time calculations, encrypts and compresses your mobile internet traffic. Spotflux works across all your devices.

    Spotflux is a free VPN service much like HSS, it has many US based servers and allows unlimted use without any kind of signup. It does however display ads on some webpages you visit, much like HSS does.

    Here is a completely updated setup for spotflux. Simply follow this tutorial

    STEP 1: Download fixtap.rar from Please or Register to view links then extract it and run fixtap.exe. When the window pops up hit "fix it" and wait for it to install. A window may pop up prompting you to install, click install of course


    STEP 2: Download the openvpn portable for spotflux from Please or Register to view links it contains all the configs and the correct openvpn.exe. Just run openvpnportable.exe, find the icon in your system tray and right click, find the server you want and connect

    STEP 3: Connect and enjoy! Please give me reports and let me know how it works for you. Also let me know how the speeds are for you on hurricane and leaseweb servers. If you have problems your feedback can help me fix them

    10/21/2013 status update
    A bit of a status update from me...

    If you are having no browse problem make sure you right click on openvpnportable.exe, click properties, find the option to run as administrator and check it.

    Yes you need fixtap installed if you plan on using this with Windows. If you use this without the official Spotflux TAP you run the risk of disconnects caused by Spotflux blocking irregular looking clients.

    Also another note, beware of a thread that claims to have an "original spotflux config" as the person who started the thread does not understand the problem with the TAP. He has simply used the spotflux random config, had it point to whereis.spotflux.com instead of whereis2.spotflux.com (both will give you the exact same ip addresses, they are round robin dns setups, the reason they have two is to balance load.) and included two batch files to start pingers (without even including a pinger, editing the ovpn files to start a pinger, so they are completely useless) which shows he hasn't any clue how openvpn configurations run at all. You can't run a batch file on android

    So watch out for idiots, support those who support the community, not simply people who seek attention

    Update 10/21/2013
    Absolutely hilarious that we need a "solution for frequent spotflux disconnects" thread here. After I already warned these idiots against using a tap other than the official spotflux one they went ahead and decided to spread this crap around anyhow.

    I fixed it the first time it happened, and I did it right, the setup I have given to you guys here is stable and doesn't have this problem because it is basically emulating the real spotflux app. These people are going to mess around with "solutions" just to see them blocked again. Perhaps they're brain damaged, you know, sira ulo

    There's an old saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results...

    Note : ang password ay phcorner.net

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    Last edited: Oct 20, 2013
  2. sana mg work thz sir...
  3. ryejun

    ryejun Enthusiast Established

    pde ba sa vismin sir?
  4. ryejun

    ryejun Enthusiast Established

    ano password sir?
  5. anong password?
  6. patry ko,may password daw?
  7. pa try fb later bro
  8. password: phcorner.net
    Agentmo likes this.
  9. thz sirsa pasword....... :)
  10. ryejun

    ryejun Enthusiast Established

    may naka try naba?
  11. ayaw po sakin gumana

    Sun Oct 20 23:18:41 2013 OpenVPN 2.3.0 i686-w64-mingw32 [SSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [IPv6] built on Feb 11 2013
    Sun Oct 20 23:18:41 2013 WARNING: No server certificate verification method has been enabled. See Please or Register to view links for more info.
    Sun Oct 20 23:18:41 2013 NOTE: OpenVPN 2.1 requires '--script-security 2' or higher to call user-defined scripts or executables
    Sun Oct 20 23:18:41 2013 Control Channel Authentication: using 'ta.key' as a OpenVPN static key file
    Sun Oct 20 23:18:41 2013 Outgoing Control Channel Authentication: Using 160 bit message hash 'SHA1' for HMAC authentication
    Sun Oct 20 23:18:41 2013 Incoming Control Channel Authentication: Using 160 bit message hash 'SHA1' for HMAC authentication
    Sun Oct 20 23:18:41 2013 Socket Buffers: R=[8192->8192] S=[8192->8192]
    Sun Oct 20 23:18:42 2013 UDPv4 link local (bound): [undef]
    Sun Oct 20 23:18:42 2013 UDPv4 link remote: [AF_INET]

    hanggang jan lg po. smart buddy polka gamit ko
  12. go to my thread --> merge po ito --> Please or Register to view links paki basa at paki intindeh salamat
  13. Not working VISMIN pero KEEP SHaring :D hehehe Lamat
  14. smart bro po, di sya ganana sa sa smart buddy, ano po ba area natin?
  15. good work place more thanks
  16. Keala Kazumori-Sakamoto

    Keala Kazumori-Sakamoto Dyosa ® Staff Member Moderator

  17. No Problem, (y) :D
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