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Rese data non-rooted phone

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by Xdxjerms, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Xdxjerms

    Xdxjerms Enthusiast Established

    Guys ganito lang pala mag reset ng Data sa non rooted phone.
    1. Punta ka sa settings.
    2. Pindutin mo ubg data usage.
    3. Then ichage mo ung un date niya sa kung anong kasalukuyang date. Then pag tapos nun i-reset niyo phone niyo. Boom wala na si data. Pwede na ulit mag internet ng no worries.

    Share ko lang po. Kung meron na pong nakapost edi ok.
  2. Fajart

    Fajart Eternal Poster Established

    Ahh.. Salamat sa po sa tips.
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  3. salamat po sa info!
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  4. vonryan

    vonryan Enthusiast Established

    ok, salamat, masubukan nga.
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  5. crisds11

    crisds11 Enthusiast Established

    Salamat sa share :)
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  6. Just1c3

    Just1c3 Addict Established

    Salamat sa pag share (y)
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  7. salamat sa info boss
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  8. Xdxjerms

    Xdxjerms Enthusiast Established

    Just try it lang mga boss. Effective yan hehehe. Salmt po feed back nalng mga boss
  9. Atehpacute123

    Atehpacute123 Addict Established

  10. andrespogi

    andrespogi Addict Established

    thanks thanks
    matry nga
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  11. Atehpacute123

    Atehpacute123 Addict Established

    Boss , hindi ko poh yan magawa sa my phone rio grande koh , 4.4.2 version...
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  12. ambushzeefreak

    ambushzeefreak Addict Established

    ubos lahat ng ininstall mo na app.
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  13. kurapikat31

    kurapikat31 Addict Established

  14. cavelord

    cavelord Addict Established

    Talaga.. As in wipe out lahat??
  15. migs05

    migs05 Honorary Poster Established

    slamat sa info boss:)
  16. ambushzeefreak

    ambushzeefreak Addict Established

    factory reset yang sinasabi ni TS e.
  17. Xdxjerms

    Xdxjerms Enthusiast Established

    nangyari boss??

    Welcome po boss

    boss di ko pa na try sa my phone bro. Ang gamit ko po eh. Asus zenfone po.