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Tutorial Repairing Undetected SD Card

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by Prince2013, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. 1) Download and Install the Panasonic SD Formatter: Please or Register to view links
    2) Make sure your SD card is detected and start the SD Formatter program. Your drive should be detected in the program
    3) Set options:
    Format Type: Full (Erase ON)
    Format Size Adjustment: On
    4) click the format button and wait...

    Once formatting is completed you can try inserting the disk into the Sansa and if it worked you'll see a quick database refresh and you can go to Settings > Info, and you'll see the memory listed for the SD.

    f it still doesn't work put your microSD back into your computer and open up the Rhapsody player. It should detect the drive letter for your card. Right-click on the card and select "Format Device". I did a quick format.

    Next copy a couple songs onto the device and then safely disconnect it from your computer (right click on device in Rhapsody and select "Disconnect".

    Hopefully the disk will now work on your Sansa. It did for me!

    Good Luck,
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  2. yung sd card ko hindi ma detect ng cellphone ko at computer pano yun ?
  3. do a clean format, Full format i guess.
  4. pano po yun what app. ang gamitin ko ? eh hindi nga po ma detect ng computer pano ko ma format ?
  5. Look in cmd and type "diskpart" and then "list disk" and if u see ur sd just formated there if not idk hope ull see it
    Just type

    diskpart then

    list disk

    After that is done, you select your sd. Type in: "select disk 1" where 1 is the number of ur sd it can be 0 or 4 just look in the list and after type

    clean then

    create partition primary

    select partition 1


    format fs=ntfs



    hit enter after each comand

    good luck
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  7. it says no media :(
  8. Thanks sa pag share nito.. dami matutulongan nito. Isa nku dun. :)
  9. -*
    keep it up and thank you for sharing...:)
  10. Thanks for sharing :)
  11. Sir thanks for this
  12. Ito po rin kung papano maging bootable ang usb po
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