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Trivia relationship rules couples need to follow

Discussion in 'Love' started by Yours, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. 9 unspoken relationship rules couples need to follow

    1. Remember To Say Good Morning And Good Night
    This is one of the easiest unspoken relationship rules you can apply. If you constantly fail to do this, there really is a problem between both of you. You could greet your lover in an email, a text, or if you would like to get some bonus points, just call him or her. Your own busy schedule should not hinder yourself from Please or Register to view links to your loved one.
    2. Update Them About Your Whereabouts No Less Than Once Per Day
    When it comes to relationship rules, it is not necessary for you to glue yourself to the phone for updating your Twitter or Facebook feed every hour. Just spend several minutes in your lunch break on texting your partner about how your own day is going. In case your schedule is not suitable and even does not allow for any interruptions, just simply call your partner before sleeping and update them then.

    3. An Anniversary Should Be Paid Attention
    Yes, whether it is just 1-month anniversary or 1-year one, you should still prepare for that event. In fact, forgetting the anniversary of the two of you is bad similarly forgetting a birthday. You are obligated to supply a present or just some Please or Register to view links within your own means and make the day as special as you could. Everybody could spend just one hour or two in their day on celebrating even just momentous occasion

    4. Limit Your Compliments For A Certain Person In As Few Words As You Could
    In a relationship, Please or Register to view links is considered one of the constant reasons of fights among couples. And, the worst part is that the one who is accused will never know that this is the reason. People tend to hardly admit that they are jealousy of someone else. This is like admitting that you think that “someone else” is better than you. That is why, when you are being with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you had better retrain from reciting odes of admiration about any another person. Just keep your words succinct and short, like “He looks healthy”, or “She looks happy”, or “I should work out more like she does”. Also, you should make use of vague terms which have no hint of endearment whatsoever?

    5. Be Consistent In Your Format Of Communication
    One of the complaints from most people in relationships is that they just do not talk like they used to. Fact is, a lot of couples think that this occurs because of the two of you has changed or lost interest in the relationship. Yet, the truth is that your relationship has just reached a point where the same patterns became monotonous. Actually, you become lazy. Thus, the key to deal with this problem is to be consistent in Please or Register to view links. The frequency might not need to remain the same, yet the intensity of the messages do. However, it does not mean that you have to text every hour like you used to do, yet you need to text as the manner you always did. Did you text with smiley emoticon or with an “ily” at the end? Regardless of the format, just keep using it.
    6. Put A Little Thought In Presents
    The next one in this list of unspoken relationship rules is putting your thought in gifts. No matter how expensive that gift is, it might be obvious if no amount of thought was put into it. In reality, nonsensical presents pave the way for a grumpy night at home with your partner.
    If you purchased for you girlfriend a short, knowing that she never plans on wearing one, you inadvertently made her cry in the bathroom for one minute.
    The little disappointment that failed present-giving produces could be damaging for the self-esteem of someone. That might expose you do not pay attention to their needs and wants or you did not respect or put significance in the event.

    7. Introduce Your Lover To Your Family If The Subject Comes Up

    If your lover has no elsewhere to go on the holidays, or if your parents will come into town, this is the exact time for you to prepare for an inevitable parental meet-and-greet. Just introduce your partner to your family as it is a big step, showing a sign of Please or Register to view links and commitment. However, the problem will arise when you recognize that you are not really ready for such a fated introduction.
    Unlucky, if you want that relationship to survive, you should do the right thing and introduce your lover to your family members. This is particularly true when the subject comes up. You could not only brush it off like an ordinary meeting that you have to go to. Rather than, you should put the offer on the table and let the other person of your life decide if they are willing to and ready to meet your family members or not

    8. Never Ask For A Certain Thing That You Are Not Ready To Give
    Yes, this is one of the most important unspoken relationship rules you need to keep in mind. In a certain relationship, you always have the right to ask your own partner for anything you want. Nevertheless, you could not have all things. When asking your lover to do something for you, you need to warrant that you are ready to return the favor in kind. For instance, you can ask your lover to modify their schedule for you. Yet, if you deny when they ask the same to you, he or she will resent you due to the favor you asked before. As a result, you will break up the trust of them, pushing them to begin refusing your own requests in the future

    9. Date Should Happen At Least Twice Per Week
    The last one when it comes to unspoken relationship rules is about dating frequency. If you thought that your once-a-week Saturday night môviê marathon was rather enough for keeping the relationship afloat, then you might be wrong. A large number of people resent not seeing their own lovers more in the week. In order to counteract these claims, you had better choose to see your partner at least twice per week. Set a long date with those small meetings in between. It will show that you are caring them and spending time together.
    To conclude, these are top 9 basic unspoken relationship rules that you need to know if you want to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. These rules could help you solidify your bond, yet the best manner to do that is to speak up. Yet, after all, knowing these rules could not hurt either.

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