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Relationship goals

Discussion in 'Quotes & Poems' started by alyannadj28, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. Don't look for a man to solve your problems. Find a man that won't let you go through them alone.
  2. to add... find someone who won't give you... hehehe...
  3. if find a man that won't let you go through them alone.
    probably he can be a lover or maybe firend somehow
    like a river flow from abovee going down
    or might be a cynical u didnt see and end fell to d ground
  4. deep....
  5. pa chamba lang po yan hehehe ala magawa ehh
  6. haze_hazard

    haze_hazard Addict Established

    In other words, Hit me with the horns,,,
  7. kahit chamba boss... OK sya... mahirap maging makata... hahaha...
  8. dugtungan nyo boss para hahaba.. yung bitter na di halata hehehe
  9. haze_hazard

    haze_hazard Addict Established

    Paanong bitter bossing?
  10. ewan po boss kahit ano na hehehe di rin ako marunong
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