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Trivia Redundant words that make you sound ignorant

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by Yours, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. 15 Redundant Words That Make You Sound Ignorant

    'New Scientist' writer Stanley Newman coined the term “RAS syndrome” in 2001 as a diagnosis for anyone who adds an extra word to the end of common acronyms like “ATM machine” (Automatic Teller Machine machine), making the whole phrase redundant and repetitive. You’ll be surprised how often examples of Repetitive Acronym Syndrome come up.


    Don't say: “PIN number”

    “PIN number” translates to Personal Identification Number number. Here's how to Please or Register to view links.

    Don't say: “LCD display”

    “LCD display” translates to Liquid Crystal Display display.

    Don't say: “PDF format”
    PDF format” translates to Portable Document Format format.

    Don't say: “ICBM missile”

    “ICBM missile” translates to Intercontinental Ballistic Missile missile.

    Don't say: “ISBN number”

    “ISBN number” translates to International Standard Book Number number.

    Don't say: “SAT test”

    “SAT test” translates to Scholastic Aptitude Test test. This is what it's like to Please or Register to view links.

    Don't say: “GRE exam”

    “GRE exam” translates to Graduate Record Examination examination.

    Don't say: “VIN number”

    “VIN number” translates to Vehicle Identification Number number.

    Don't say: “UPC code”

    “UPC code” translates to Universal Product Code code.

    Don't say: “GOP party”


    “GOP party” translates to Grand Old party party.

    Don't say: “ATM machine”

    “ATM machine” translates to Automatic Teller Machine machine.

    Don't say: “CNN news network”

    “CNN news network” translates to Cable News Network news network.

    Don't say: “AC current” / “DC current”


    “AC current” / “DC current” translates to Alternating Current current / Direct Current current.

    Don't say: “DMZ zone”

    “DMZ zone” translates to Demilitarized Zone zone.

    Don't say: “Please RSVP”

    “Please RSVP” translates to Please Respond Please (RSVP is short for the French, répondez s'il vous plaît).
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  2. khloe

    khloe Addict Established

    Pabili po ng colgate, yong close-up ha
    Redundant din yan
  3. get 1 whole sheet of paper."1 whole maam" ;-haha :hilarious:

    GOPERAL Eternal Poster Established

  5. bozzr5

    bozzr5 Enthusiast Established

    Oo nga no...make sense
  6. borugs

    borugs Eternal Poster Established

  7. nice..EDSA avenue..xd,
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