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Rebirthro.com launched 3rd job server!

Discussion in 'Browser Games' started by syphon, Aug 2, 2014.

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    Looking to join a new server? Today we launched New 3rd Job!!!! RebirthRO offers 3 different servers, each with different rates to allow you to choose the one that works best for you. With hundreds to thousands of active players, you can find new friends and participate in many of the custom (and non-custom) features available. These servers are protected with the same security used to protect banks from DDoS attacks, so game play is never impeded

    Server Features:
    Rates: Eir (5x,5x,3x), Loki (100x,100x,20x), Thor (100x,100x,10x,2x)
    Episode 13.3
    3rd Jobs (Thor): Yes!
    Renewal (Thor: Yes!
    3rd Jobs (Eir & Loki): No!
    Renewal (Eir & Loki: No!
    WoE Time: Twice a day, different days (Certain castles open at certain times to accommodate multiple timezones)
    Max Level: Eir (99/70), Loki (255/120), Thor (175/70)
    Max Stats: Eir (99), Loki (255), Thor (99)
    Max ASPD: Eir (190), Loki (196), Thor (193)

    NPCs (varies depending on server):
    Healer (Fully heal HP / Sp)
    Warpra (Warp to any town / dungeon)
    Defriender (Remove your name from someone's friend list after you remove them from yours)
    Reset Girl (Reset stats / skills, as well as save stat builds)
    Stylist (Change your hair color, style, and clothing colors)
    Character Swapper (Move characters around to different character slots for convenience)
    Decarder (As the name implies)
    Dead/Bloody Branch Room (Special room specifically for you, your party, or guild, to summon monsters without being disturbed)
    Dressing Room (Try on donates to see what they look like prior to purchase)

    Custom Features:
    Market System (Buy/Sell items from the main website without even having to log into the game)
    Bacon / Pancake System (Participate in events to earn bacon/pancakes to redeem for cool items)
    VIP System (Extra bonuses received for rates, convenience NPCs, etc)
    Artistry / Crafting
    Mining System
    Blacksmith Custom Forging
    Cedi MVP System (Party oriented custom mvp summoning battles)
    Floating Rates (donate zeny/credits for increased rates for an hour)
    Guild Towns (Custom maps with manageable NPCs for your own guild)
    MVP Arena
    Royal Operations (Party oriented mission quests with varying objectives)
    Notoriety Quests
    Reputation Quests
    Same *** Marriage
    24/7 woe castle available during all non-normal woe hours
    Various custom quests for headgears / recolors
    GM Marriage (A public, event like, wedding ceremony hosted by the GM team for you and your spouse)
    Vote Point System (Free items available just for voting)
    Safety Refiner (Using custom items, protect equipment from breaking in the event of a failed refine)
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