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Job Offer [REAL INVESTMENT] Best Revenue Sharing Earn 100$ daily. 120% maturity in 3 Days

Discussion in 'Jobs & Employment' started by marknox24, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]
    20867 Total Members
    8280 Upgraded happy members
    $1025134.1403 in payouts

    $3 will turns into $3.60 in three days!!! and More adpacks up to 150% ROI (Yes, it's 40% a day!!!)

    Payment: Payza, STP, Bitcoin (Via coinbase), Payeer, and soon Netteller


    ----->How to achieve $100/day in Triple Thr3at?<-----


    * This guide is based on current share earning percentages in Triple Thr3at. These percentages are subjected to change based on daily business volume.

    * This Guide is no way associated officially with Triple Thr3at, but is made by members to help other members.

    * Just following this strategy alone will help you achieve $100/day, but It is not guaranteed to keep you there unless you keep promoting the program and bring in more referrals.

    How to Join and fund your wallet

    For new members or people who have not yet joined follow the steps below to become a paid member of Triple Thr3at.

    1. Step 1 [​IMG] Open an account by visiting Please or Register to view links or the link provided to you by your sponsor. The registration form is self explanatory. Make sure your sponsor’s name is there in sponsor field.
    My referal name: marknox24

    2. Step 2 [​IMG]Login to the account.

    3. Step 3
    [​IMG]Subscribe to become a paid member. You will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee of $10. Pay it through your payment processor and remember to renew it after a month as the renewal is not automatic.
    4. Step 4 [​IMG] Now that you have subscribed, Its time to fund your wallet. Enter the amount you want to start with and choose your payment processor. Currently Payza, Solid Trust Pay and Coinbase are accepted. You will be redirected to the payment processor. After you have paid the amount you enetered earlier you will be re directed back to

    5. Step 5 Its time to buy your ad packs. You can buy $3, $7, $15, $30 and $50 adpacks which mature at 120%, 125%, 130%, 140% and 150% respectively. Please see our strategy below to chose the right adpacks and maximize your earnings.

    6. Familiarize yourself with the navigation bar on your left. It is pretty easy to use. But if there is anything you do not understand please ask us in the that we have created to help our fellow member.
    Just Search our Facebook page. TripleThr3atPhilippines

    1st day

    Purchase 50 x $3 = $150
    Purchase 50 x $7 = $350
    Investment on first day = $500

    2nd day

    1st day income = $121.92
    1st day profits = $27.49

    Purchase 50 x $3 = $150
    Purchase 50 x $7 = $350
    Fresh investment on 2nd day = $150+$350-$121.92 = $378

    3rd day

    2nd day income = $243.84
    2nd day profits = $54.98

    Purchase 25 x $3 = $75
    Purchase 50 x $7 = $350
    Fresh investment on 3rd day = $75+$350-$243 = $182

    4th day

    3rd day income = $335.88
    3rd day profits = $76.50

    Purchase 50 x $3 = $150
    Purchase 50 x $7 = $350
    Fresh investment on 4rth day = $150+350-$335 = $165

    5th day

    4th day income = $398.04
    4th day profits = $92.04

    Purchase 50 x $3 = $150
    Purchase 25 x $7 = $175

    Fresh investment on 5th day = $150+$175-$398 = -$73 (That means you do not have to invest anymore but you can take out $73 without effecting your number of shares)
    5th day profits = $99.81 << This is your Target
    From 5th day onwards withdraw $100 every day and maintain 125 x $3 shares and 225 x $7 shares to keep withdrawing $100 every day.
    Total paid = $1225
    Daily income without losing any shares from 6th day = $100
    ROI = 13 days after 5th day

    For those of you, who cannot afford to start with $1325, start with the amount that you can afford until you reach 125 x $3 and 225 x $7 active shares.

    Visit This link: Please or Register to view links
    Facebook: Please or Register to view links

    Add me in facebook for more info and question.
    Goodluck guys

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