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Tutorial Re-edit - Access the deep web safely and securely with rules.

Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by jeivexra, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. jeivexra

    jeivexra Addict Established

    Hi guys and gals,

    I made the tutorial on how to access the deep web/ dark web/ dank web safely and securely here.

    The instruction is located on a password protected rar file below.

    I'll make the password clue available for established members only.

    Spoiler contents only visible to Established Member.

    Deep web rules:

    1- Do not solicit, or chat with anybody you do not know.
    2- do not sign up for any newsletter from any racist, or terrorist group.
    3- Do not log in to your personal accounts you use for yourself in your normal browsing.
    4- Only view videos, do not download them.
    5- never use this browser for ****/ sexual purposes, as it will, whether you want it or not, lead to Child ****ography.
    6- and most importantly, know what you are getting yourself into. He said he has seen torture methods being performed, proof of hitmen actually getting the job done, and human experiments.
    So be informed, and warned.

    Ja mata...

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    Last edited: Jan 5, 2016
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  2. Xelos

    Xelos Eternal Poster Established

  3. deep web :hilarious:
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  5. jeivexra

    jeivexra Addict Established

    This is a different tutorial making your access securely. Other tutorials are just for tor browsers.

    Tor is not secure!
  6. kahit hindi safe ok lang na access ko din naman yung deep web ee tsaka si Xelos talaga yung naghahanap nito :sneaky:
  7. Xelos

    Xelos Eternal Poster Established

    di ko mahulaan ang password :banghead:
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  8. jeivexra

    jeivexra Addict Established

    Well yeah, you can still access the deep web via tor, but for sure some of the denizens of the deep web know you or have your details now or even have access on your unit.

    Kaya mo yan dude (y)
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  9. ok lang 2014 pa yun ee :smuggrin:
  10. jeivexra

    jeivexra Addict Established

    Careful next time ;)
  11. ayoko na sumilip dyan wala naman kasi ako napala ee :hilarious:
    si demonic098 talaga need ng safety kasi madami sya transactions dyan :sneaky:
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  12. jeivexra

    jeivexra Addict Established

    Drug transaction or firearms?
  13. punong puno ng scammer jan :hilarious:
    isa lang ang trusted kong binibilhan ng paypal account jan
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  14. jeivexra

    jeivexra Addict Established

    Anong deal demonic098 ?
  15. :muted:
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  16. hindi nya daw sasabihin for safety :sneaky:
  17. jeivexra

    jeivexra Addict Established

    ok mukhang alam ko naman na.

    Remember that there are ïllêgâl sites on the dark web, the government is aware of this and you could go to jail by having an access to those. Do not solicit or talk with some one you do not know and of course everyone is anon there. Know where you're getting into.
  18. what the....
    di ko po makuha ang password...hrap po...
    try ko sana...pero dtalaga e so wala nalang...
    pero thanks for sharing
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  19. takot much :hilarious: pero anonymous naman ang pag browse ko
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