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RASON kung bakit ayaw ni Pres. digong mag stay sa malacanang

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by chacha234, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. Ipakalat natin ang comment na ito...(From Anonymous) Hahaha! Got that right, Tatay Dig's! You are a wise man indeed!This is the news I have been waiting for! It is the media of LP. ABS-CBN and the journalists who are paid off huge amount of moolah by the LP ( Aquino and his minions). Read all the news captions by ABS-CBN they are already doing it. One big example: Elevating Leni's position as VP and not so much of good news about Tatay Digong. And if you all have time, read the history of ABS-CBN who was once restored by the Aquino Admin in 1986. And this will be the big enemies of Tatay Dig's. One thing, can't you all get it? One of the big reasons that he is adamant about living or staying in Malacanang, it is already been bug wired. Malacanang has all hidden wiretaps and bugs that was already set up by Aquino's minions. So the safest place for him is his own sanctuary, Davao. Aquino and his minions will not stop to topple Tatay Digong. Last thing I can say is, God Bless Tatay Dig's and Good Luck! I commented this today at ABS-CBN news, then right away I was blocked. I was totally shocked coz' I am just an ordinary netizen. These comments are only my big speculations when I am noticing the news captions every day. Are these comments very sensitive to them? If it is, OMG! They are evil!This is from today's news about Tatay Dig's commenting to all abou
  2. tomadorako

    tomadorako Addict Established

    matalino talaga si duterte. galing

    thanks for the info
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  3. BeChay

    BeChay Eternal Poster Established

    conspiracy theory ayaw ni Digong sa Malacanang dahil haunted ito :LOL:
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  4. Marami daw kasing multo. Hahahaha :)
  5. maraming wires andun

    bugged devices etc lol...di yan susuko si panot pnoy oi hahaha!!!!!

    ipakalt niyo sa social media ...got that from his daughter's page inday sara duterte
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