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Help Ram Test = How to Test PC Ram Is Working Properly or Not ?

Discussion in 'Computer Repair Questions' started by delfermil30, Oct 4, 2015.

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    Ram (Random Access Memory) is system memory where your computer read and write the process data at the same speed, it can helps your computer to perform better and fast in order to provide performance to the user. Sometimes due to power fluctuation, forcefully power termination of computer & age of ram can cause a fault in ram’s inbuilt hardware and occur problems like computer freeze, BSOD, Computer restart during work.

    # Symptoms
    A bad or faulty ram can cause more trouble that you think. Here’s below a list of problem what can cause you if your ram is faulty or dead

    1. Instant Computer freeze
    2. Instant Computer restart
    3. Windows Boot problem
    4. BSOD(Blue Screen Stop Error) on screen while working or system startup
    5. NO display on computer’s startup
    If you’re suffering from one of listed problem given above, then it’s time to test your ram is working proper or not. At below in this tutorial I wrote all of my great ways to test a ram in a proper way and also mention some of troubleshoot tricks to fix your computer if you find your ram is dead.

    # Ram testing
    Checkup 1 – Ram usage ( For Running OS Computers )
    Note: If you’re windows or other OS is not in running condition then you should skip this “Checkup 1” and move on to “Checkup 2” because this one is for running operating system.

    To check the ram usage open your task manager and check the memory usage graph in the performance tab.


    High Ram Usage With Work Load – If your computers use the ram usage above the 90% while working and you got the blue screen or any other ram problem that means you should upgrade your computers and laptop ram because your computer might need’s the more ram to handle the work load.

    High Ram Usage Without Work Load – If your computer usage gone higher without any of work load and you see one of bad ram symptoms then its probably not a ram problem because sometimes corrupted widows can cause this types of problem too. So, you can try to reinstall your windows to test does this problem comes from your ram or from windows (OS).

    Before you’re going to reinstall your windows, first I would recommend you to try our next ram testing checkup because installing windows is so much work to do and wasting time for bad ram isn’t worth it. So, stick with our next checkup and the test will definitely confirm you about your ram problem.

    Checkup 2 – Ram testing by Memtest86
    Memtest86 is great utility software made by Pass Mark® Software which can run a boot memory test to identify any type of ram problem on any computer and laptop. You can download this free bootable software at given link below and also follow the instruction shown in listed video below the link and it will helps you to test your computer’s ram at free of cost.
    Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links

    I suggest min 5 pass and mix 10 pass to identify your ram is working in great condition or not.


    If you see any of the blue screen or red line error between the running Memory Test that means you having a problem with your ram stick and your ram might need to get replace.


    Checkup 3 – Troubleshoot Ram Problem
    If you find your ram faulty or not, there is two more thing you can do to fix your ram and those are “ram cleaning” & “ram slot changing”


    Ram Cleaning & Slot Exchanging – Remove the RAM from the slot, clean it and place it back properly. If you have two ram installed in your computer then take out all of your ram from the motherboard and place only one ram into the slot for testing, if you are able to use your computer without any problem that means your another ram is faulty buy a new one. If the problem still exists then try to do the above procedure with the other ram with Slot Exchanging

    >> Please or Register to view links<<

    If the cleaning procedure doesn’t work for you either then changing new ram is an only option you can do to fix your computer from a ram problem. Listed link below will helps you to install a new ram.
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