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©râck a wap key wifi key simple on windows...easy method new

Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by kuligma, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Steps:

    1. First download Please or Register to view links and Please or Register to view links
    2. Now install commview and the right drivers.
    3. Start up commview and go to the "logs" tab.
    4. Click all packets in buffer, On the top right hand side make all the numbers MAX
    5. Now on the top left hand side click the blue play button (if its gray you haven't
      installed drivers correctly of your pc is not compatible with the program)
    6. Now click start scanning...some routers will pop up with there names there 11 channels so you have a far chance of getting one...
    7. Now find one with good signal (more green squares next to it) and click on it and then click capture at the bottom left
    8. You computer is now collecting packets of information from your "friends" router
    9. When you have about a million packets (the more the better i go for about 2 million)
    10. When you get the target amount of packets click stop then go to "file" go down to "export logs" then Tcpdump format (its the bottom one) and export them as a.CAP format save it to your desktop
    11. Now extract air©râck-ng then click on bin and then on air©râck-ng GUI...click choose then your .CAP file on your desktop
    12. Select how many bit's the target router is then click launch.
    13. Wait till it loads now you should see your CMD up and it as basicly asking you which router you want to ©râck.
    14. There is a # next to the name simply put the # of the router and press enter..you just wait.
    15. Now waits to find the key and after its done it will say KEY FOUND and have the key next to it then your done.
    16. If it says you need more IV's then just go back to commviewer repeat from above numbers 5 and 6 after about 1million more do numbers 11 to 16 except when you choose your .CAP files make sure you choose the one from before and your new one so you should have BOTH of them selected
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  2. junked

    junked Journeyman Established

    masubukan nga ito bossing...thanks... sana may image....
  3. G Flum

    G Flum PHC Master Established

    Keep on sharing
  4. sinsino po nakapagtry ? fa feedback naman po .. thanks
  5. eumhiel

    eumhiel Addict Established

    thanks for sharing feedback sa nakapagpagana na jan
  6. Freegums

    Freegums Enthusiast Established

  7. sir ayaw poh nyang madownload..
  8. The System - KEO

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