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Python Python Programming Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Coding, Programming' started by Mark, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. Ang Python Programming or Computer Programming Language ay isang Computer Programming Language na ginawa ni
    Guiddo Van Russom (development around 80's then finished and released around 90's)

    Object-Oriented, Procedural, and Functional Programming i forgot the other stuffs.

    Can i Make GUi in Python?
    Yes, You can use PySide(Qt), WxPython or Tkinter

    Job Offer percentage:
    Maybe around 55% (mostly webapp,software and core devs)

    Can I use tools like VStudio for Python GUI Dev?
    Use FarPY, QT Designer or WxPython (Drag and Drop GUi Builder)

    Is Python a Hard to Learn Language?
    NOPE, For me It is the easiest Language to learn and recommended for beginners, Its neat and readable

    So you are a C etc. Programmer?
    Cython (Python C Implementations)
    Jython (Python Java Implementations)
    IronPython (Python C# Imple......)
    and more...

    Can I turn my Python Application to a Windows Executable file?
    Yes, You can use Py2exe, Freeze and more...

    Absolutey Yes, For Linuxes/Un*x , Windows, Mac etc...

    How about Speed?
    Python is Slow for a big app or projects (but way faster than java) but there is a
    Implementation named PyPy or Stackless (Extremely Fast ) so no worries.

    So what can i create or develop using Python?
    -Web development, We App, Website (using Django, Webpy or Cgi or even create a webpage wrapped wit html. and more.
    -Desktop Applications/Software/Utilities/Coredev / robotics/RaspberryPi/ Security and more...
    -Game Using PyGame
    -Everything what other language can do,Python Does.

    These are the useful answers Ive written for those who wants etc. in python.
    for more questions feel free to response and illanswer your questions, Thanks and god bless.
  2. Sir.. Anung database pwd gmitin dto??? Pwd po ba mySql???
  3. meron po library na pang connect sa mysql at kahit mssql.
  4. Ano po mga kinakailangan para po mkapag simulant mag Aral nitong python kung self study lang po. Working po kase ako ngayon. And science before gusto KO talaga lang programming do nga lang ako naka aboy ng college dahil sa hirap
  5. shinatoren

    shinatoren Journeyman Established


    libro about sa python-pag hindi kayang bumili hanap nlang sa torrent at itransfer mo sa phone para mabasa mo kahit saan

    of course kilangan din na pc

    nag simula akong mag self study last month ngayon alam ko na kung paano gumawa ng app/servers yung basic lng p naman.. easy lang talaga sya basta alamin mo muna ang structure ng language pare pareho lng naman yung karamihan...

    ang maganda nitong python ay marami kasing user kaya marami ring libraries na pwede gamitin kahit saan.... goodluck.
  6. sir pwede po bang makahinge ng link ng tutorial ng python. kung meron lang naman po salamat po.
  7. JYPmomoily

    JYPmomoily Addict Established

    Thank you sa info po. :)
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