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Psiphon[smart] katay naba? (n)

Discussion in 'Smart, TNT & Sun Questions' started by Soul Surfer, Feb 2, 2016.


psiphon [smart] katay naba?

  1. katay na!

    7 vote(s)
  2. working pa din .

    7 vote(s)
  1. katay naba psiphon [smart] sa location nyo? o piling lugar lang?

    pampanga area , lahat ng proxy server at settings i've already tried .

    TALK N TEXT still alive and kicking pa din,
    smart lang ayaw . :arghh: :cry:
    KATAYAN na ata ng proxy server . :(
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 2, 2016
  2. working pa yung akin
    pm ko sayo working ip
    pm mo lang sa trusted mo (y)
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  3. smart ba ang gamit mo? sige, salamat! :cat:
  4. as long as working si UChandlerUI working din si psiphon (y)
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  5. sigr, try ko ulit si smart (y)
  6. Kill_Roy

    Kill_Roy Forum Veteran Established

    Still alive and kicking..
    Danao area.
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  7. good to hear that. (y) buti pa sa location mo pwede pa ang smart. :(
  8. Working pa (y) pero meron akong napuntahang lugar na hindi gumagana or sa gabi lang gumagana ang psiphon..(n)
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  9. by area siguro? (n)
  10. Negative na sa pasay at manila.
  11. :cry: kala ko ako lang . by area na siguro ang katayan ng mga proxy server ni smart . :arghh:
  12. Sir demonic098demonic098 pa pm naman po na working ip for tnt. Thanks! :)
  13. Mister Q

    Mister Q Eternal Poster Established

    patay na po dito visayas area
    Soul Surfer likes this.
  14. Pa pm naman sir Soul SurferSoul Surfer ng proxy at settings ni tnt. :(
  15. ano po specific area mo boss, kung ok lang malaman. ?

    lahat ng proxy at settings na nasa paligid natin dito sa phc working pa sa TNT . (y)
  16. onir0709

    onir0709 Addict Established

    Sa laguna di makakonek c smart pag walang load.. Unlike tnt..
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  17. thanks sa pagsagot sa poll . (y) .
    dati ba nakakakonek ka kahit walang load?
    sakin kase, working sya kahit walang load or any registration noon. kaso ngayon ayaw na .:cry:
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  18. Pa PM pi ng Settings Boss
  19. onir0709

    onir0709 Addict Established

    yup! Kaso mabagal.. But now ayaw na talaga.. Kaya nag Tnt na ako using hacknet..
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  20. base on this poll by area sya . TNT nalang nga tayo :)
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