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Request Proper capitalization

Discussion in 'Feedbacks & Suggestion' started by tondee08, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Hi admins! :)

    Good evening po.

    I would like to suggest po sana regarding sa letter cases specifically sa uppercase letters na dinisable ninyo. Some, including me, quite find it annoying to write and read sentenses and specially long paragraphs all written in small letters.

    I know we are trying to eliminate here the ALL CAPS issue but maybe, this is not the solution.

    I believe the best reason to keep capital letters is legibility, for easier visual understanding, readability, and the information it imparts that signify names, proper nouns and sentence starts.

    I know our site encourages our fellow members to use proper writing and use proper spelling and i guess that includes proper capitalization too.

    Maybe you can just try to restrict to atleast 2 , 3, or maybe 5 consecutive uppercases i guess. Kayo na po bahala. Im just here trying to share my thoughts. ;)

    Godbless and more power to phcorner.:)
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  2. henjie

    henjie Forum Expert Established

    nasa user na iyan.... case sensitive naman mga posts natin.. okey na yung ganito..

    with regards to proper spelling, covered na iyan with this sticky one.
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  3. Hindi mo po yata nagets yung point ko. Alam ko po yang thread na yan:). Pakibasa nalang po ulit yung post.(y)
  4. henjie

    henjie Forum Expert Established

    i stand corrected,, were not case sensitive pala.
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  5. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Anyway thanks for your concern tondee08
    Di ko alam kung ano na naging desisyon ni boss Draft about that.
    But if I have my way I would just go with kung ano man meron tayo.
    I understand you're getting annoyed with the proper capitalization of words, but try to understand that we are getting equally annoyed and equally irritated by people na palagi na lang all caps.
    Sa tingin ko naman you are literate enough para maintindihan yang mga posts na yan with or without capped letters basta given the proper break in a sentence.
    Ganito kasi yan eh... we have a rule and prohibition about all caps, not about the flow of a sentence or a paragraph.
    So how do we deal with it?
    We are trying to find a solution para matigil ang all caps na yan at matigil din ang walang habas na warningan at pag-ban.
    Option 1:
    Tanggalin ang rules tungkol dyan at maging mas active ang mga mods.
    Option 2:
    Limitahan ang usage ng all caps.
    If I am to decide, I will never go with option 1.
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  6. henjie

    henjie Forum Expert Established

    test.. ,.
    ,ALL CAPS....

    like ko iyang ganyan,, i can make whatever i want... remind na lang NAMIN sila.
  7. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    May bagong ginawa si boss Draft tungkol dito, nakalagay na mismo yung reminder dito sa editor o massage box ba ito? I don't know. :D
    Basta nandyan na at naka-watermark kapag mag-reply sa thread or mag-gawa ng bagong thread.
    Kapag may lumabag pa dyan then it means mga b*bo (ooppss.. sorry for the term) or talagang walang paki-alam sa mundo ang mga yan.
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