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Proper battery charging tips

Discussion in 'General Mobile' started by elissaj, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. Hello guys! I know some of you wondering that why is it your phone can't fully charge into 100%.

    Well! were just the same problem encountered. :) Now let me share with you some tips on how to make your phone fully health 100% complete charging.

    Una sasabihin ko muna mga mali natin kung bakit hindi natin ma achieved ang complete charging with 100% sa ating mga mobiles. This was tested and proven by myself guys! believe it or not well! better believe. LOL!

    Mistakes of what we've done to our phone(s) that makes faster draining. (BAD things as ff.)

    1. Charging while phone is on.
    2. Charging kahit hindi pa lowbat.
    3. Charging gamit kung ano2 adapter ng ulo.
    4. Discharging kahit hindi pa complete.
    5. texting habang nag chacharge etc and etc..!

    There are some cases that we don't care about our phones...and that's leads us na we do comment agad " pangit ang (cellphone brand name) ky dali lng ma lowbat etc!...it is because we are the one doing the wrong thing. Remember, hindi po kasalanan ng phone kung bakit ganyan, kasi complete assemble nayan sila and we are the one USING! and DESTRUCTING!

    Ok! lets move on for my tips...:p so much with that...LOL!

    Now here are the things that we must highly do to achieve our mobile android phones fully healthy charge.

    1. For newly buy cell phones here are your tips!
    -Insure that your phone is 100% sealed brand new.
    -Insert your sim and memory properly.
    -Insert the brand new battery. (TAKE NOTE!) Don't turn on your phone.

    2. After all doing by inserting your sim cards and MMC. Now here is the tips!
    I know you wonder kung bakit hindi mo muna ma gamit or ma open ang iyong phone. Kaya nga po yan na po yong tips! wag nyo po talaga muna ehh open ang inyong cp pagka lagay ng inyong sim at newly battery etc..(mostly brand new phones sa mall ky sila nag lalagay at inoopen agad nila right?...) well kung bibili kyo ng brand new android phones suggest ko sainyo kayo na maglagay at iuwi nyo na agad pra mapag charge..wag nyo po ipa open (turning on) sa kanila or sa sales persons. I usually buy online kasi ehh kaya ako talaga yong may hawak lng. :)

    3. After all doing that by charging 8hrs maximum of 16hrs for better result. Congrats! you can now open your fully charge cp with 100% battery healthy charge. :) with two days before draining. How was that!? cool diba! :) and it works for me !!:D

    NOTE: hindi po lahat nag succeed sa gawain nayan, but I have also tips kung hindi man naging succeed and 100% charging ninyo at tatagal buhay ng battery nyo.

    Tips #1. For those phone(s) na 99% lang talaga battery charge nabibigay nya.

    -Charge your phone pag 15% nlng xa with Turning ON ha! hangang ma full charge po xa ng 100%. Pagkatapos po obviously mag lowbat nanaman xa ulit diba?...after 15% again lowbat now SWITCH OFF your phone then charge it with 8hrs!
    -After charging 8hrs finger crossed na 100% pag ON mo sa cp mo. LOL! that's all kung maging succeed ka.

    (for tablets better charging is TURNING OFF with fully drained) and you will now get the 100% healthy charge on your TAB. ;)) works! for my Lenovo Tab.
  2. Lahat ng mistakes ginagawa ko. haha. Salamat sa info boss. :D
  3. pwede po ba to ma apply sa laptop? :)
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  4. salamat sa info boss...(y)
  5. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Nice thread :thumbsup:
  6. yup! for laptop...dont ever use your laptop while it is plug for charging..I dont know sa ibang laptop ha..pero ito nayon gamit ko na toshiba laptop ay sira na ang battery dahil sa pag gagamit while charging. dapat po drain totally and charge fully complete with turning off. Tnx! :)
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  7. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Ako din. For battery replacement na yung laptop ko. Haha :)
  8. Salamat po sa tips.
  9. -
    nice, keep sharing and
    thanks dito bos:)
  10. Pwede pa help, yung acer icnia 7 na tab ko, hindi ko magamit kung hindi naka plug ang chager. Kung tatangalin ko nman yung chager, namamatay yung tablet ko.
  11. thanks for the tips
  12. Salamat sa tips na to...
  13. Choco

    Choco Addict Established

    Helpful po ito. Thanks
  14. Hahahahaha!!! Lahat ng mali ginagawa ko.. Hahahaha!!!
  15. Thanks Tol for this informative post
  16. Salamat sa Info boss.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2015
  17. Ganito ginagawa ko boss drain muna tapos off ko pag icharge ko,so far so good
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