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Pronunciation for the function ln in mathematics?

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by xtremejg10, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. xtremejg10

    xtremejg10 Enthusiast Established

    My professor asked me in class "what is lunn2 + lunn3?"

    And i feel like: WTF what is lunn? so i ended up not answering his question.

    after that he says the answer is lunn6 and then i realized what he mean is ln(2)+ln(3).

    can someone tell me what is the proper pronunciation for the function ln? some says ell-en, some says lin, and my prof says lunn. thanks :)
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  2. henjie

    henjie Forum Expert Established

  3. hirap boss... na try mo na si pareng Google? baka makatulong boss...
  4. We just call it natural log or log e.. Di pa ako nakarinig ng nagsabi lin or lunn.

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