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Help Problem after booting

Discussion in 'Computer Repair Questions' started by TheXCrider, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. TheXCrider

    TheXCrider Addict Established

    good am mga Ka-PHC, ano pong solution for this: matanggal po lumitaw yung Start Menu and Desktop icons after pong mag start up yung laptop ko. I'll already did a virus scan but no threat found. Windows XP SP3 32 bit po OS ko

    Thanks in Advance
  2. Scizcka

    Scizcka Honorary Poster Established

    Try to run your OS on "Safe Mode" then try to scan your system again. Feedback is a must.
  3. pag negative result mu sa pinapagawa sau ni sir scizcka, check your hard drive for errors.mag chkdsk ka or defrag mu ung partition kung saan nka install os mu. matanda na ba hard drive mu sir?
  4. TheXCrider

    TheXCrider Addict Established

    Opo sir, mga 2006 pa ata (not sure).
  5. luma na nga..natry mu na ba mag defrag sa hard drive mu?
  6. TheXCrider

    TheXCrider Addict Established

    opo sir. kakadefrag ko lng last friday po
  7. tinry mu ba ung sabi ni sir scizcka?baka marami kang running apps sa startup kaya ganun..
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  8. TheXCrider

    TheXCrider Addict Established

    ayaw po mag-start ng scan bakit po ganun?

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  9. try mu boot time scan. kung ayaw pa din. reinstall mu ung avast mu
  10. Scizcka

    Scizcka Honorary Poster Established

    Try to run your AV with administrator privileges, hence just re-install your AV and continue the scheduled scan as what sir 22ytech said on his post. If everything fails, here's what i'm gonna offer you:

    Since your main concern is the "delay" after booting. What I'm gonna offer you is try the following steps and let's see the result afterwards. So here are as follows:

    1st: Since it's a delay so we can presume that there's a huge application-program that's consuming your RAM "after" the booting or startup sequence.

    [e.g. Your antivirus itself, maybe you have installed an application-program that was set to run at startup, thus the RAM usage is climbing much faster and in result of the said "delay"]

    2nd: Graphical User Interface driver(s): This should always be updated, either on-board or external.
    3rd: Uninstall application-programs that aren't much used but still running on your background. How to check? Just run your "Task Manager" with administrator privilege and go to the running application settings then you should notice what application-program is consuming your RAM and CPU enormously.
    4th: After all of this are done, try to check your disk for any bad sector(s) that's present. Furthermore, try to defrag your HDD and run a full scan afterwards.

    This method is only the basic, as far as troubleshooting is concerned but delivers good results in the making. A lot of PC Tech around usually do this trick and the problem is easily solved without removing any peripheral.

    So i hope you can do this simple steps and let's see the results afterwards. (y)
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  11. TheXCrider

    TheXCrider Addict Established

  12. E safe mode mo Mona tapos pag open ponta ka csconfig click start tapos bawasan mo yong mga na ka on sa start up mo tapos restart, ng yayari yan sa mga unit na upgrade at yong pasi rang hdd
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  13. start with boot time scan boss...
  14. sir isaac_14 baka ang ibig mu pong sabihin is "msconfig", tama ba?
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  15. Oo tama sin sya nag kamali
  16. wala yun sir, kinorek ko lang baka kasi malito si TS.(y)
  17. OK lang boss salamat nga napansin mo,Hindi ko kasi na pansin
  18. TheXCrider

    TheXCrider Addict Established

    thank you po sir @Scizsca and 22ytech. ok na po. bumalik na po sa normal.. thanks a lot po :)
  19. Usually, these are the common reasons why computers were so laggy during start-up:
    1. Too many applications that run during start-up.
    2. BAD HDD.
    3. Computer was infected by a virus.
    4. Too many applications installed but RAM Size is small.
    5. Fragmented HDD

    If you did all what the masters' said above but all failed then it's time to make a clean install of your OS. Back-up all the data you need and reformat your pc and test if it works fine but if not? then you need to buy a new one of course. :D
  20. Scizcka

    Scizcka Honorary Poster Established

    Good luck. For any technical concerns just post it here and we'll make sure to address your concern from the best of our knowledge. (y)
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