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Smart & TalknText Preventing from block - SurfMax299

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by Heal, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. Heal

    Heal Addict Established

    Note: The 299 is detected by 9:00, 12/21

    , there is alot of humor that sims are started getting blocked just because they are subscribed in 299.

    "The rumor is not true."

    As they saying that there is a trap set in the dashboard which is also not true.

    The reason why they got blocked is because they bypassed the 800mb/day cap that got detected.
    They been blocked on using the SAMPLE to 4545 and probably I haven't used the BIG5.

    So, inorder for you not to get blocked. Don't even try to bypass the network.
    I got 1 sim used here that is blocked and I try to call *888 and they're currently busy. Probably they already got into a vacation. Make sure NEVER try to BYPASS.

    Happy bugging! ;)

    Member's Helping Idea!

    Last edited: Dec 21, 2015
  2. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

  3. salamat sa info boss thumbs up po
  4. So di po pala effective ang sample for bypassing kasi mabblock lag ang sim
  5. Heal

    Heal Addict Established

    You'll get 5hrs of download Yes, but surely 100% blocked in an instant.
  6. Trezzee

    Trezzee Eternal Poster Established

    oo basta ganitong week napaka busy nila pahirapan nanga mag register sa mga unlicall and text
  7. Buti nalang hindi pa ako nag download. . Try ko nalang gumawa ng back up . . Tnx po sa info. . In what way nyu po na gawa sa bagong sim yung bug?
  8. Heal

    Heal Addict Established

    Sorry, I won't be sharing it. :) I only have people to share the idea.
  9. Ay ganun po sayang. . Pero sige ok lang po . .tnx pa din. .
  10. salamat sa info boss
  11. Sir what if i have already registered to SAMPLE..like yesterday..is there still a chance that ill be blocked even though i do not use it for downloading...im just strêâmïng music for hours in ÿôutubê...ive registered to the promo thinking that my speed will still be the same even after reaching the 800mb limit..am i right?
  12. Rumor sir..Peace
  13. Heal

    Heal Addict Established

    Prevent yourself from doing heavy downloads. :)
  14. zyrele

    zyrele Addict Established

    Friends, sa mga nakapag register sa BIG5/SAMPLE, wag na muna daw mag DL para makaiwas sa sumpa. Sabi po ito ni TS. Haha wag na po isugal pag libre. :LOL:
  15. I dont download that much sir.. But is alright to stream continously..cause i observed that whenever i reached 800mb..my net speed is throttled..does registering to sample keep the speed the same even after reaching the limit..all i do is stream ÿôutubê videos..will i get blocked or its alright cause the speed is throttled
  16. mark choowee uy

    mark choowee uy Addict Established

    reg lang kayo ng P10 send sa 3545, at saka mga bossing pa bug din ng # ng asawa ko samalat 09481327296.. mindanao area po kasi ako hindi maka connect sa dashboard..
  17. Heal

    Heal Addict Established

    Because of the sample you actually gaining the rights to get a new subscription without limit for 5hrs but then abusing the promo will tend you to get blocked.

    I don't have sms bomber. You can ask other threads. Thanks alot.
  18. zyrele

    zyrele Addict Established

    Blocking happens when you "try to bypass" the 800mb cap. Doesn't matter whether you stream or download.
    tazdevils88 likes this.
  19. tazdevils88

    tazdevils88 Addict Established

  20. hmm nakadownload na ako ng 5 môviês for 1 week only haha. no block. lucky for me haha :LOL:
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