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Pokemon go - tips,tricks and faq

Discussion in 'Role Playing Game' started by LrUST, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. first and foremost :
    Wala pong cheat dito!!! :D

    This Thread Is For people Asking or seeking guidance for Popular Game
    Pokemon Go

    Every Question Asked, I will try and will look for an answer.
    I do not Cheat on this game so every words u will read in this thread is base on my experience.

    I will answer one of the FAQ :
    Pokesnipe?Go Radar?Pokevision?
    Yah , this is considered as 3rd party tool.
    U are in the middle of Getting Ban or Enjoy This Game fairly.

    Let's Say We Don't Care About the Risk,Any App better to Use on Pokemon Hunting ?
    Honestly, those 3 apps are the best for hunting,sadly to say those apps/brows page already blocked by google.But still some apps survive.

    1) PokeMesh(App)
    Need a dummy account to use this
    Accuracy is 100% real :)
    what I don't like in this app is that it takes 2 minutes to show Pokemon's location so if u are looking for a rare poke and it only comes out by a lure expect that it only last for 2 to 5 minutes. So before you see or try to catch that pokemon u were already on the edge of catching it .And also don't try to update this.Updated version is so hard to use but its up to you guys :)

    100% accurate but this app is not for stubborn.
    This app locates pokemon but not in specific or where he is standing.it only scans an area and shows pokemon in that area.U just need to tap on ur desired location then a loading red bar will appear and saying u cannot scan until scanning is complete.This app is usable in browser,just search it , locate ur place then, ur ready to hunt and tap :D

    3) Map(search apk on Google)
    The son of pokevision(LMAO)
    This app is, let say not interesting and not that popular.this app is only used to locate Pokemon on ur Pokemon Go Sightings it has only scan a radius on ur position. And why rely on ur pokemon go sightings ? This app shows pokemon but once it is not showed in ur Pokemon go sightings expect a TROLL.also use dummy account to use this.

    3 poke hunting tools used by my friends
    Accurate and sometimes reliable :)

    I hope this Words help u guys

    (next post : what's in Manila Ocean Park?Luneta?Quezon City Circle?Eco Park? And other NCR places)

    Feel free to ask
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  2. dpkry

    dpkry Eternal Poster Established

    pano kumita ng pera sa paglalaro ng pokemon go?
  3. Well , there is an absolute money making in this game what you need is:

    Kamag anak , kakilala na nag lalaro ng POGO but asa probinsya .
    I am making business with my cousin in Leyte kinukuhanan ko siya ng loots ,usually pokeballs here in our place since rural area don't have a numbers of PokeStops unlike urban area.
    Puhunan ko lang pawis tsaka Miryenda after makuha ung certain amounts ng loots sinisingil ko ma siya through load or sometimes cash pinapa smart padala niya a lang. Pero be warn and beware ng mag gagantso ahh kaso every online games has a stewFeed player :v
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  4. Jaymark123

    Jaymark123 Forum Guru Established

  5. Gabriel ern

    Gabriel ern Addict Established

    Hi pnu po AQ mkkahuli ng mga Pokemon khit ns bhay LNG aq.
  6. thanks for sharing
  7. Search ka sa game cheat sir , wala Kong alam Jan ee hahahah

    Sa Thursday Post ko Mga Hunting ground ng pokemon sa ngayon tatlo pa lang na pupuntahan ko na maganda ee , stay tuned :)
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