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Nintendo Pokemon black: best pokemon team for pokemon league! (help/suggestion!)

Discussion in 'Handheld Game Console' started by dalawamputIsangMgaPiloto, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Nasa pokemon league na ako ngayon, suggest naman kayo ng magandang pokemon team pls!

    My current team:
    Litwick (Ghost/Fire)
    Stunfisk (Ground/Electric)
    Carracosta (Water/Rock)
    Swoobat (Psychic/Flying)
    Leavanny (Bug/Grass)
    Cobalion (Steel/Fight)

  2. base sa nabasa ko dati, malaking advantage kung meron kang fairy type na pokemon sa team mo
  3. Depende lang sa diskarte yan.
  4. Kazaboo

    Kazaboo Addict Established

    Yung first or second na pokemon league
    Dahil sa first lang ang natapus ko na poke league sa black nde ko tinuloy dahil napatay ko yung 2 na legendary na nde na lalabas
    Kuha mo muna yung tornadus na legendary
    At mag pa level 50 ka sa lahat ng team mo para ka level or advantage ka ng maliit

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