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Poem by Pablo Neruda

Discussion in 'Arts & Literature' started by zegen, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Love - Poem by Pablo Neruda

    What's wrong with you, with us,
    what's happening to us?
    Ah our love is a harsh cord
    that binds us wounding us
    and if we want
    to leave our wound,
    to separate,
    it makes a new knot for us and condemns us
    to drain our blood and burn together.

    What's wrong with you? I look at you
    and I find nothing in you but two eyes
    like all eyes, a mouth
    lost among a thousand mouths that I have kissed, more beautiful,
    a body just like those that have slipped
    beneath my body without leaving any memory.

    And how empty you went through the world
    like a wheat-colored jar
    without air, without sound, without substance!
    I vainly sought in you
    depth for my arms
    that dig, without cease, beneath the earth:
  2. sklice

    sklice Addict Established

    favorite ko din si pablo neruda keep sharing
  3. woi, sinong kausap mo :hilarious::hilarious:
  4. sklice

    sklice Addict Established

    si zegen shungek! :LOL:
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