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plot some simple IED to your enemies

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by HEMP, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. HEMP

    HEMP Addict Established

    Shoe Box training IED

    Get a small, empty shoe box. Arrange 10 – 15 ounces of your “explosives” in 1,5 – 2″ thick rectangles in the middle of the box, and secure them with tape. Use 2 AAA batteries to simulate ignition devices, and connect a length of speaker wire to each, connecting the two. Use another few inches of wire to connect the “explosives” and “triggers” to either a discarded cellphone or one of the watches you got, or both.

    Secure the contraption with tape, and include “shrapnel” by wrapping a good handful of assorted screws and nails in saran wrap to form a “sausage”, and putting the wrapped shrapnel in between your “explosives”. Secure with tape.

    Fill the remainder of the box with balled up old newspapers, and tape it closed. Now, shove it through an x-ray machine, or fasten under a vehicle (find a cool place, no exhause pipes!).

    Mix it up: Use PVC pipe inside the box to create some confusion, and an even more sinister look. Place explosives inside the pipe, and wire through a hole or one end of the pipe, to your “trigger” – a cellphone or watch.

    Inert Steel Pipe Bomb

    Use about 1 foot of steel pipe, and mix your “shrapnel” with the silly putty. Stuff your “explosives in the pipe (you don’t need to fill it), and attach speaker wire to it, with an AAA “igniter”. Wrap the speaker wire around the pipe, and then attach it to your “trigger” – a cell phone or watch, or both. Secure everything, including the ends of the pipe, with ducktape, and place it somewhere creative for your inspection crew to find.

    Mix it up: Use several half foot lengths of pipe, and tape them together with a circuit board in the middle. Connect a watch or cell phone to the board with speaker wire, and secure the bundle with tape. This makes for a severely sinister look.

    Inert Shoe Bombs

    If you’re able to get your hands on a pair of old dress shoes that no one wants, you’re in luck. Making a believable, inert shoe bomb is easy, since all you need to do is to remove the inner sole, exposing the heel of the shoe from the inside.

    Remove everything in the heels except the “shell” of the heel, and fill the void, so to speak, with your “explosives”. Add one AAA battery to your “explosives”, and attach some speaker wire. Coil some speaker wire up and put it under the insole, which you’ll then put back on top of the whole setup. The coil of speaker wire (just a couple of inches) will make for a believeable fuse, which a bomber would light once he/she is in the right place.

    Remember, when you use this setup, to include both shoes. No one wears only one shoe. Or 3 shoes, for that matter.

    Mix it up: Place your dress shoe bomb in a shoe box, along with its twin. Disguise your shoe bomb as a pair of new shoes.
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