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Discussion in 'Internet Tricks Questions' started by crisspanget, Sep 10, 2013.

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  1. hello po mga ka PHC , may itatanong lang po sana ako , ito po oh

    1.ano po ba nag mas mabilis gmaitin, HSS o OpenVPN gui?
    2.ano po ang mas safe sa sim block, HSS o OpenVPN gui?
    3.lastly, ano po ba ibig sabihin ng UDP at TCP? saan po mabilis ?

    kung sino man may time na makasagot sa tamang info , MARAMING SALAMAT PO . sana matulungan nyo po ako . kung may time kau :) tnx po ka PHC .

    yung complete info po ah ..
  2. Answers:
    1.) naka depende din po kasi sa area natin ang speed ng gamit nating vpn.
    and if open vpn at HSS ay config lang ang pinag kaiba pero same ang servers malamang ganun padin ang speed.
    2.) nakakasimblock po ang pag gamit ng VPN, swertehan lang po talaga kapag di ka nasimblock.
    3.) User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is one of the core members of the Internet protocol suite (the set of network protocols used for the Internet). With UDP, computer applications can send messages, in this case referred to as datagrams, to other hosts on an Internet Protocol (IP) network without prior communications to set up special transmission channels or data paths.
    Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is one of the core protocols of the Internet protocol suite (IP), and is so common that the entire suite is often called TCP/IP. TCP provides reliable, ordered, error-checked delivery of a stream of octets between programs running on computers connected to a local area network, intranet or the public Internet. It resides at the transport layer.
    Web browsers use TCP when they connect to servers on the World Wide Web, and it is used to deliver email and transfer files from one location to another.
    Applications that do not require the reliability of a TCP connection may instead use the connectionless User Datagram Protocol (UDP), which emphasizes low-overhead operation and reduced latency rather than error checking and delivery validation.
    kaya po mas mabilis talaga kapag UDP ang gamit na protocol kesa po sa TCP.
  3. *HSS kasi stable siya kapag malakas ang signal, diko alam kung mabblock ang sim card dito kasi dko pa natry mag download ng big files...OPEN-VPN okay din naman hindi ito nakakablock kasi more than 480mb ang nadownload ko,,,,
    *and mas mabilis ang udp sa downloading at strêâmïng... sa tcp naman mas mabilis ang uploading..
    mas stable ang connection sa udp kesa tcp.. sa tcp kasi biglang bumabasak ang connection..
    base lang yan sa observation ko ah.. pero kung gusto mo pa talaga ng magandang info iresearch mo na lang sa google..
    parehas lalo na pag libre.,.
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  4. wow naman sir mimerth . ang bilis mo mag type . SALAMAT SALAMAT SALAMAT po talaga sir . ayos to na info . ngayon alam ko na about don . :)

    sir mimerth , ano po pala gawin para malaman kung anong connection ang gamit ko , UDP ba o TCP ? :)

    oi boss . short version :) ayos dn po ah , prang na experience ko na rin yan observation mo. prang udp pala gamit ko vpn . hehe , salamat boss ha .. da best talaga mga tga ka PHC .
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  5. no problem.. glad to be of your service :jimlad:
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  6. TCP opens a connection, controls it and then closes it
    UDP sends the packet to it’s destination and doesn’t care any further
    TCP is used when it’s necessary that all packets arrive and in a certain order
    UDP is used when speed matters, packets arrive in whole
  7. Sa open vpn saan po makikita ang udp at tcp?
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