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Help Play online games through proxies?

Discussion in 'Internet Tricks Questions' started by anjon bermejo, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. Hello po mga Ka PH . Is there anyone how to play Online games through Proxy internet Connection? Your help will much appreciated thank you guys :) :) :)
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  2. Anong Proxy?? Anong ISP (Internet Service Provider)? If you were going to play online games through proxy you might check 1st your IP (Internet Protocol) if it's Philippine IP or other country. To determine that your game is able to play on your given ISP Country SUB IP. Feed back with your Screenshot for further support. Thank you.
  3. I can't really understand sir hihi cenxa na. kasi gamit kong pong net ung free net lang ung Ultra surf po at ung blue lantern sir. i can surf naman po kaso di ako maka play ng Online game . ano po kaya problem sir ? your help is much appreciated thanks :) :)
  4. Ahh what sim ba gamit mo manong. Blue Lantern it's Lantern literally, they make it cmd to make it faster than the installed one. Ulrasurf also known as Usurf is used for anonymous purpose only game support not support, about naman po ke Blue Lantern, it's kinda application that for anonimity purpose too because of the massive proxy's you gain every .0001 milisecond if you were using proxifier already you'll see the thingy there F1.exe there or F2 on using Blue Lantern. While Lantern Installed One. You'll see the thingy flashlight.exe such as like this upload_2014-12-25_20-43-36.png
    I can send you my Proxifier Config if you want. :) then let's experiment how to play games using Proxifiying,
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  5. alam ko config ng proxifier sir . ung sa cproxy lang pero hehe . pa see nga config ng proxifier mo sir
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  7. grabe ang galing naman hehe. dami configuration . galing niu naman sir hihi. thanks
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  8. :eek: yw po :p
  9. sir di ko mapagana online game ko hihihi
  10. try mo tong method ko. While were you using usurf samahan mo ng cproxy then ilagay mo to
    hanapan mo ng available servers, then pag connected na cproxy set mo proxification rule application of your game set mo as port 9000 socks4 or 5 (optional). Try mo i-run ang game launcher mo. Pag pumalo okay na.
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  11. Sir Jholou . pano naman pag ung Blue Lantern gamit ko? pano gagawin ko sa cproxy at proxifier para makalaro ako :) thanks po
  12. Maong nga kabwasan ed sika. Sa Parent Proxy ni CProxy lagay mo port 80 > Overview [update] pag pumalo yon, pag hindi try mo ibang servers ni cproxy try mo lahat. Pero na-ddc sya kasi nag iiba iba ang proxy ni Blue Lantern FS1 or FS2 a.k.a. Lantern. After pumalo si cproxy you have to set proxifcation rule.
  13. ano po gagamitin kong proxificationrules don sa binigay mong config? check ko ba laht un?
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  14. set proxification rule, yung launcher ng game mo then set mo sya port 9000.
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  15. yan po sir. no need to check na ung mga yan?
    sir Pumalo ung stats ng cproxy . gumawa nadin ako proxification rules di parin makalaro hehe :)

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  16. hala naka ligtaan ko to haha, pa sensya ka la. ahmm.. bout that check mo po checkbox na mga yan

    Better to use Installed Proxifier, go to my profile to see my thread.
  17. ayaw parin sir hehe. di ko talga mapagana gamit tong Blue lantern hehe . pero nung sa cproxy dati . nung di pa katay gumana agad hehhe . wait visit ko profile mo
  18. Ahh, so sa Blue Lantern may problema? Globe at Smart Bro lang gumagana sa Lanterns.

    Sige :)
  19. he
    hehe . globe gamit ko :) thanks BTW sir :) more power
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