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Pinoy-made Linux Distro: Eskwela OS - Hack Wifi

Discussion in 'Linux Distributions' started by nicoyuey, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Eskwela OS is a lightweight Linux operating system. It uses XFCE, a lightweight window manager, to make older computers work faster and more efficient. It can also refresh new and powerful systems as well. The word eskwela is a Filipino word that means school. Thus with this operating system, we give you the freedom to explore the world and learn from it.

    It specifically aimed to be installed on lower-end computers for general and educational purposes.

    Download Links:
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    The Eskwela OS v2 PenTester's Edition combines the Eskwela OS suite with the Kali Repositories.
    It comes pre-installed with Wifite and Linset used for hâckïng wireless connections.

    username: ubuntu
    password: [blank]

    System Requirements:
    Eskwela OS is light on resources. You need to have at least the specifications below for you to install Eskwela OS on your desktop or laptop.
    These are the minimum system requirements for Eskwela OS:
    • CPU: 1GHz+
    • RAM: 256MB+ for Desktop / LiveCD - 512MB recommended
    • Hard drive space: 7GB
    • Graphics card and monitor capable of 800 x 600 resolution
    Pre-installed Software

    Network Links

    Official Website: Please or Register to view links
    Facebook Page: Please or Register to view links
    ÿôutubê Channel: Please or Register to view links

    User Feedback
    Fritzielein, an Eskwela OS v 1 user from the Netherlands
    sent through: GMAIL
    Date: 12-03-15

    "Hello Nico,

    Eskwela is a very good looking Xubuntu distro,
    I have installed Eskwela on an old HP PC, HP DC7800, usdt, C2D E8400 with 4 GB Ram, hd 160GB.
    and that runs perfectly.
    Eskwela is quick, looks good, much more attractive than Xubuntu.
    The sad thing is dat I can do nothing with WPS because I'm comming from the Netherlands.
    I have replaced WPS with Liber-Office, a sligthly heavier package, which in Europe is used.
    At friends and acquaintances I'm going your Distro to promoting.
    When we can look forward to the next release?

    Thanks and respect for all the effort to make such a thing.

    Greetings Fritzielein"

    Proudly Filipino Made!
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2016
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  2. 1st blood...
    Thanks for sharing po, pa experience naman po ng eskwela OS nyo...
    nicoyuey likes this.
  3. Thanks for this, man. Keep it up!
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  4. tomadorako

    tomadorako Addict Established

    makapag try nga nito. salamat
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  5. hope makafeedback kayo mga sirs about sa experience nyo sa Eskwela OS. :)

    Thank you po dito:

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    Sana po send nyo ako ng message kung sino po kayo. Para mapasalamatan ko po kayo ng personal. :)
  6. ForumMaster

    ForumMaster Journeyman Established

  7. QuickFingers

    QuickFingers Enthusiast Established

  8. Welcome po. :D
    Sana makafeedback kayo mga sirs.
    Kung may trouble sir, post nyo po dito. :)
  9. mikegumaru

    mikegumaru Enthusiast Established

    Working po kaya sa mobile just like kali linux? :punch:
  10. Cool! Heard about this pero di pa nattry :( Awesome GUI and ehem. Gawang Pinoy! :D Thanks!
  11. Jaychie

    Jaychie Honorary Poster Established

    pwede po ba screenshot yung OS at kung pwede po as bootable yung ISO
  12. portfolio101

    portfolio101 Addict Established

  13. MangErnie28

    MangErnie28 Enthusiast Established

  14. boynonsense

    boynonsense Addict Established

  15. Triski

    Triski Eternal Poster Established

  16. boss pde po ba Ito sa mobile phone heheh
  17. rhaingel

    rhaingel Addict Established

  18. blackhat22

    blackhat22 Enthusiast Established

    ano po yung mga hâckïng tools jan sa eskwela os boss?
  19. tail cat

    tail cat Journeyman Established

    Oo ata pards. May wifite and linset preinstalled tas nasa sources.list na yung kali repo..

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