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Trivia Pinoy Conspiracy Theory

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by sweetkeiyz, May 2, 2016.

  1. sweetkeiyz

    sweetkeiyz Addict Established

    Conspiracy theory is defined as “a theory that explains an event or situation as the result of a secret plan by usually powerful people or groups.”
    Examples of famous conspiracy theories include the fake moon landing, President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and the conspiracy to create a New World Order. While conspiracy theories are generally baseless, some have been proven to be true.

    1.An American superweapon is causing our typhoons.
    One conspiracy theory on why our country is experiencing a massive number of typhoons every year is because we are supposedly being attacked by a US superweapon.

    While the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) really does exist and is currently used by the US to check whether the ionosphere can be utilized for radio communications and surveillance, conspiracy theorists have blamed the program for causing storms, tsunamis and earthquakes. Some of the nuttier ones even believe that the program is capable of mind-controlling people all over the planet.Accordingly, a ÿôutubê user named Dutchinse uploaded a viral video explaining that the program used “microwave pulses” to create Typhoon Yolanda. However, Dr. Mahar Lagmay, a University of the Philippines professor and executive director of Project Noah, debunked Dutchinse’s claims as without basis and lacking solid evidence.

    .The US has a secret underground base in Mindanao.

    Mount Kitanglad as viewed from Impasug-ong, Bukidnon, Mindanao. Via Wikimedia Commons.

    According to official reports, there have been no permanent American military bases in the country since 1992 when the Philippines closed down Subic. However, there are some who attest that the Americans have maintained a secret massive underground base in Mt. Kitanglad, Bukidnon.To keep it secret, they constructed a weather station above the complex in order to dissuade curious hikers and locals from finding out. Witnesses have reported sightings of foreign military hardware such as Humvees and choppers, adding credence to the idea that the Americans could be secretly staying in the area.
  2. Woah! thanks for this.
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  3. sweetkeiyz

    sweetkeiyz Addict Established

    Welcome po boss :)
  4. Yep taga bukidnon ako at 3 years ago we sighted fireworks from the mountain range during new year. Where in fact walang nakatira sa lugar na yun kung saan naggaling ang fireworks.
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  5. sweetkeiyz

    sweetkeiyz Addict Established

    Naka punta na kayu sa area na yan ?
  6. Hindi po kami pumupunta doon kasi malayo at aakyat kapa ng bundok.
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  7. sweetkeiyz

    sweetkeiyz Addict Established

    Peru yung mga structure na ginagawa nila makikita yun sa inyo ?
  8. haha okay boss
  9. yung structures po ay di ko pa nakikita. Yung fireworks lang po nakita namin. Pero matagal na pong nakakalat yan doon na meron dw talaga secret base sa mt. Kitanglad. Wala lang po nagtatangkang magsapubliko na may maipakikitang larawan.
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  10. sweetkeiyz

    sweetkeiyz Addict Established

    Okay po boss .. Taga bukidnon din naman ako XD haha pariha ta bisaya
  11. borugs

    borugs Eternal Poster Established

    ang galing naman
  12. Let me read this later. :) Salamat dito :)
  13. Dapat kasama yan sa paalisin sa pinas, more info pa t.s and sana may picture ung building nila sa bundok
  14. zoneraider

    zoneraider Enthusiast Established

    sana may makapagcheck kung totoo haha.salamatdito ts
  15. geraldxxx1

    geraldxxx1 Addict Established

  16. 1dash2

    1dash2 Grasshopper Established

    Wow! Deep knowledge.
  17. Riff

    Riff Eternal Poster Established

    Kung may superweapon na para sa typhoon, may ganoon din siguro sa hurricane na tumatama sa US. XD
  18. fan ako ng mga conspiracies and theories, patambay ^_^
  19. foxgalano

    foxgalano Forum Veteran Established

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